I think that it has been the objective of this …

Comment on No sign of Anzac High work claimed by Minister Lawler by Alan Smith.

I think that it has been the objective of this and the previous Labour government to knock down this building by whatever means they can.
It seems that this time it is a done deal!
Well, Ms Wakefield will not get my vote this time and I hope others will feel the same way.

Recent Comments by Alan Smith

Alice among nine cities on pilot academy shortlist
Refurbish Anzac school for the students and we will meet all the criteria!

Gallery: Gunner sticks with ANZAC Oval
It will interesting to see the results of the Advocate survey this week!
All the surveys so far seem to overwhelmingly oppose the Anzac site.
I to spoke to Dale and took the so called survey card from her.
I did not read the card at the time but I have now and it’s a joke!
It only asks do you support the gallery, not the real question, where should it be located!
They have lost my vote!

Gunner rewrites the record on gallery consultations
I agree with you Mabel and I think the Mayor should resign.

National Aboriginal Art Gallery: Anzac Oval off the table
I support the project. Fantastic for the NT and Alice but the way the government and I believe the Mayor have gone about it, heads should roll. If we do not end up having this Gallery it will be entirely their fault. Ignoring the advice of the Advisory committee is not the way to implement a great project such as this. Unfortunately this looks like it is going to be a lost opportunity for Alice and I am sad about that.

Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain
It seems hard to believe that this is being proposed in the centre of town. I have lived in Third World countries which have better planning and better vision for their cities than in Alice.
It is a problem that we have a council made up of builders and developers who have no imagination.

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