This is the first time I have read about the …

Comment on Uproar about possible closing of Katherine Museum by Zac.

This is the first time I have read about the possible closure of the museum and the neglect of the cemetery in Katherine. I am not sure on the details of everything, however one thing I am sure of is the council (owner of the cemetery land) and who ever owns the museum should apply for a Federal grant.
Each year the Australian Government have heritage funds available for protecting and preserving historic and important sites. The terms and conditions of the funding alongside what needs to happen is given on their website.
I do believe that rather than closing the museum now, a business case should be made for funding next year. Please note funding for the 2019/2020 year closes October 22.

Recent Comments by Zac

Council: Gallery at Anzac precinct, no to curfew
@ Evelyne Roullet: Thanks. Alas I thought the Totem Theatre was heritage listed and I thought the senior’s centre recently had been refurbished not too long ago, with new paint inside and out the last 13 months.
Meanwhile I noticed at 7.30am this morning the last of the two storey building was almost completely demolished. I could also see the bulldozers pulling the final single story building down too.
I have no doubt the entire school site will be rubble by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Council: Gallery at Anzac precinct, no to curfew
The drawing of plans shown in the previous news article do no show the car parking arrangements or indication as to where people will park.
Keeping the oval is one thing but with the existing carpark being proposed to be ripped up for other uses, where will the patrons park for the: Youth Centre, Anzac Oval events, Seniors Centre, Totem Theatre over flow and now the proposed new art centre which will no doubt generate hundreds of cars.
Where will every one park?
Will an underground parking complex be built beneath the oval? Or a multi storey carpark across the road?
The oval and new art gallery will also be surely subjected to flooding. It might not be raining now but in the next decade I am sure there will be a major flood.
I seriously think the proposed art gallery is in the wrong spot and my reasons are not because of cultural reasons but purely logistical reasons.
You can’t have people walking a 100 or more meters from a multi-storey car park across the street to the gallery near where the school was. It’s completely crazy.
Respect people’s wishes and build the gallery either in town in an existing carpark and build a new rooftop car park on top of it or simply build it south of The Gap.

Miners claim change of heart about nuclear power
How can nuclear power be safe? Japan’s 2011 tsunami and sea surges proved that theory wrong.
Then you got the waste that comes from the used nuclear materials.
How can it be safely stored for 100 years if no one wants it buried in their backyard or regional areas?
There’s then the secure transportation required. You can’t have some one intercept it with a car crash or bad road conditions.

Bush police station broken into, damaged
I know it has been discussed before, but what ever happened with a curfew on anyone under 18 on the streets?
Anyone caught loitering without good reason, black or white could then be taken to a safe house for the night and or told to go home.
Surely there are other reasons to keep youth away from breaking into cars, homes and businesses.
I’d say more patrols need to take place by various people: youth services, Aboriginal organisations and not just the police.
Further more, instead of building this art gallery in town, the money should be better spent on more youth diversion programs and alternative education programs for children and youth.
It’s one thing to build a national art gallery and have new businesses flourish. However the existing businesses and residents of town need more certainty on crime control.
The children and youth need more care and discipline.
Detention isn’t going to help anyone at all. It’s a bandaid solution as offenders will only reoffend if rehabilitation and care isn’t provided as part of the solution.
Maybe religious organisations such as the churches could also assist with talking to the offenders and offer some support, teachings and care.

An Indigemoji will make your point Centre-style
Those sample of Indigemojis look great. In weeks or months to come, I would hope they flourish.

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