Council need to stop focusing on climate change and start …

Comment on Politicking or community: What to do about youth crime? by James T Smerk.

Council need to stop focusing on climate change and start focusing on something they can do something about, making the town attractive to tourist and do something about kids and crime.

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Politicking or community: What to do about youth crime?
The fact of it is the culture is in free fall.
The once noble and respected ways of the past are no more and it really is a free for all now.
Trying to hold one others accountable and make them respect other tribes’ wishes isn’t ever going to happen.
The only sense of pride comes from the elder generation the resulting generations aren’t interested in maintaining this grand aspect of their culture.
So while I agree with the suggestion Ted makes with giving the Arranta people more of a voice, what good is it if no one listens?

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Bush police station broken into, damaged
Just imagine these assaults happening by white people on Aboriginal people…

Mass rally shows fury, distrust for police, government
I think you will find it’s more a race issue.
I as a white person was walking down the mall yesterday and on three occasions got called racist slurs from different groups.
Having to explain to my kids why this happens and why it is apparently OK is the hard bit.

Government fails bush on health, police: McConnell
NT Government appear to have a grand plan to flood Alice Springs with people from the communities to make Alice a mega community.
So this means a lot more “break-ins, car thefts and stealing from the stores, mostly by young people, some operating as gangs”.
The Government would want to get on top of crime now before this all happens and the Alice turns into the crime capital of Australia (more so).

Most money for mining, military
Declining population and no big government projects on the horizon means not private investment. Why would they flog a dead horse?

Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more
Wow, the prices are really jacked up.
We don’t want you to climb, but we still want lots of money so up all the other prices.
I understand the reason why not to climb but it’s just plain and simple greed upping the prices so much.
I picture people sitting around saying we need to stop the climb but we don’t want to lose money, here is a win win, close it and up the prices.

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