The electrification of transport is one way that some value …

Comment on Government electricity firm in trouble as solar booms by Richard Bentley.

The electrification of transport is one way that some value can be extracted from the investment in gas generation at Owen Springs.
I understand that transport amounts to around 30% of energy consumption so there is a great opportunity to reduce emissions by utilising local energy sources – sun or gas – to run your transport fleet. Ultimately all electricity is likely to be solar sourced as the technology is improving by the day and getting cheaper.
But for now anything is better than burning petrol or diesel in an ICE.

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‘Sneaky’ drop in what govt pays rooftop solar producers
Because solar alone only gets a customer through the day a solar plus battery combination helps cover the night time use too so this change should be seen as inevitable.
I installed solar 10 years ago and receive a premium FIT until 2027 as our production was calculated to offset additional investment that would be required in the grid. I get around 50c per KWh and was paying 38c from the grid.
Meanwhile my daughters have installed solar recently and were able to put from three times the size plus battery for one and six times the size without battery for the other, for not much more money than I spent 10 years ago. Times change.
Most interesting despite my more generous FIT I paid $700 to my provider while my daughters are likely to have “free” power since solar was installed.
So I say “sneaky” or not get used to it and get on with it.

Are frackers immune from COVID-19 rules?
With world energy in surplus now and renewable options getting cheaper by the day I think that gas drilling should be declared NON-Essential. Right on there Gadrian – they should stay home.,

$1m from Feds to deal with Central Desert water issues
One day rainwater, grey water recycling and road catchment might fill the gap. Always seemed there are so many overlooked opportunities in the communities.

Solar cars are more than silent, fast and cheap to run
I note some interesting second hand vehicles in NZ. Seems to me a good option would be fly to NZ, buy a car instead of hire then ship back to Australia.

Gas and solar: Still uneasy bedfellows
If SA can handle greater than 50% why can’t the NT?
Sort it out and stop making excuses.
Electrifying transport is one good way to soak up any excess generation.

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