Unfortunately and sadly it’s become part of a culture now …

Comment on Listen to the experts: town camp women on DV by James T Smerk.

Unfortunately and sadly it’s become part of a culture now and the only way to stop it is from within.
I think the solution is for better up bringing for kids. Kid need to be brought up in a safe and loving environment where they get to see parents that act in a loving and supportive way. They will more likely become caring and not violent themselves (in my opinion).
If you are around violence from a young age and through to teenage years it becomes the norm.
Find a way to fix this and it will go along way to eliminating most of the above stresses.

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Sacred sites authority mum on Melanka trees
Thanks Domenico: Finally someone has acknowledged my talent of making an ass out of myself. Next step, politics! I might run for CM or maybe even PM, sounds like I have the right stuff.

Sacred sites authority mum on Melanka trees
What is the point of naming these trees as sacred? Has anyone ever been to these trees to have some kind of ceremony or learning?
All these locations around the town with sacred trees and no one ever cares enough to visit them. Hardly sounds sacred to me.
Sounds like a forgotten concept being kept alive for the point of revenue making.

Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
I would be interested to know what the long term plan for this space is. It’s easy to leave it there until a project is identified, it saves money too.
Even if the gallery isn’t going there I feel they have plans for the land and they aren’t telling us anything as they don’t want the backlash they know they would get.
The public meeting / demonstration will be poor on numbers, this town is too complacent and only people who attended the school many years ago or senior people of town will show interest because of their fond memories in some way of the school.
Unfortunately kids won’t care and younger generations don’t appreciate the past so it’s doomed to fail.

Rock climb closure: total government control of media
Australia is changing, in some cases for the better, in some not.
Might move to North Korea for some freedom.

Thieves ram cars out of compound
I bet the public would love to follow this story through to the courts to hear what the outcome is: The “they have had a hard life excuse” is copy and pasted into every case now days.
Tell me what amount of money this has cost in damage, police and courts and what benefit the community gets out of the outcome.
I bet you will see a lot of cost involved and no deterrent for it to never happen again by these two.

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