So it is now the Town Council’s fault nothing has …

Comment on Conflict of interest raised in council’s rejection of gallery offer by Gavin Carpenter.

So it is now the Town Council’s fault nothing has happened!
The council have finally got the message from the town’s people about what could / should / possibly happen and it so transpires it does not agree with the government line.
They now bring up any excuse to blame the council, the street sweeper, the garbage collector, anyone they can think of except themselves for the idiotic way they have gone about the whole process.
Kindergarten kids could do a better job. This whole issue has cost thousands through total incompetence of the current government.

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How not to manage government finances: The case of the NT
Well written by someone who has an understanding of finance a little above the treasury mandarins who are paid big dollars to give the government financial advice and keep them on track.
The Territory will never be in a position to repay the current Government debt and the longer the spending continues as is, the interest alone will eat up the income.
The fan will be really hit hard in the next few months when current government largesse stops or is cut back, businesses suffering now will have the wet/summer slow period to survive through, jobs will be cut further, banks are going to want their mortgage payments to start again and the average household will tighten up on spending. Not a good scenario.
I hope I am wrong.

Library no go for unaccompanied Alice teens
Well said Ted.
Maybe we will consider using the library again if there are no more games of hidee and chasey around the book shelves by unruly kids.

Thinking big, anyone?
So the wheel goes around again. It was a big talking point 50(?) years ago with Lang Hancock in WA and Joh in Queensland.
Prior to the Alice Darwin rail happening, a presentation in Tennant by Tim Fisher talked in detail about the east west and north south rail lines being essential to the growth of the north, a very interesting concept.
Unfortunately, the majority of the Federal pollies live on the eastern seaboard and have no idea of anything much past their front door.
They also seem to have little desire to learn or support much past their electoral boundary where any funds expended give little help to getting them re elected. Fortunately through hard work and a lot of luck the north south line has eventuated, perhaps one day in the far distant future an east west line may come about.

Slash and burn at CDU: Alice loses out
Oh how the wheel goes around and around.
Having spent a number of years on the old TAFE council, (oldies would remember that) similar happened.
The whole process was dismantled after considerable expense getting it up and running to a very satisfactory training organisation with considerable local input and involvement.
Staff who were doing a reasonable job left, many for interstate, due to bureaucracy and interference from above and the whole place collapsed.
A very sad state of affairs and a serious loss to the Territory and the students involved at the time.

High season caravan occupancy rate: Zero.
Yes Brendan. You can write off any tourist season this year 2020, will be not much better 2021 and maybe something will happen by 2022/3.
Self funded retirees make up a large number of travellers, they are taking a hit with reduced dividend income, other oldies are tightening their spending patterns.
Families are looking at education problems and any spare cash will be put toward paying the mortgage rather than holidays.
As we all know, the NT is not a cheap place to visit. All states will be offering good deals for locals to experience, they are coming out now for future travel.
There will be a number of tourist operators fall by the wayside, never to return.
This in turn will reflect on other business operators who rely on a tourist season to give them that extra bit of business and consequent cash flow to keep people employed.
At this point in time the NT is not in a good position to face the full a force of this virus issue. It will really start to hit the fan in the next few months.

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