There are many achievable plans for the town but the …

Comment on Election 2020 salvos fired with Alice the first battleground by Trevor Shiell.

There are many achievable plans for the town but the trouble is the government and their planners refuse to look far ahead, and kowtow to a small goup whose vision does not extend beyond house renovation and the Traeger Park complex.
The CBD is where it is for historic reasons, not practical planning in line with current realities. Brewer is a the centre of three major cross country transport facilities –three cross country highways, a cross country rail and an international airport – a fact not lost on the transport people in the Kimberlys, but ignored by most of us here who refuse to put our heads out from under the shell.
This is where industrial development must take place. The far-sighted transport operators and mining companies are already storing at the cattle yards.
The northern rail entry illustrates the point. It is no coincidence that one of the major transport companies in the nation (Linfox) was in town last week at the same time Government was talking about privately developing the Tanami.
A toll road perhaps?
Tourism continues to ignore the potential of the area south of The Gap.
Last week I counted over 40 vehicles and just over 100 visitors being photographed on the welcome rock near the Adelaide turnoff in the 40 or so minutes I sat there waiting for a plane.
A similar situation is occurring at the Old Ghan engine near the cemetery.
Once again I ask where are the tourism people?
It occurred to me that it is only a hop step and jump from the Transport Hall of Fame which would make a great tourism / visitors centre, like Winton with a central theme, an introduction to the whole of the NT rather than attempt to have visitors try to park in the CBD and run them in and out in a couple of electric vehicles as happens elsewhere.
There is no apparent planning for the deluge of electric trucks about to descend on us from at least three manufacturers.
Diesel is an obsolete technology and Brewer is where it should be based on solar power, and the planning should have started years ago.
I don’t see a flood of people going to the museum in the mall and the silly situation with the cultural centre will not solve the problem.
We are planning to have a plan to yet again have another plan to re develop the CBD plan yet again. The cultural centre should be in conjunction with Yirara College to let the students there demonstrate their own cultural heritage and not use this to serve the vested interests of the CBD.
With the current fuss about safety with quad bikes, what better training ground than the motor complex at the drag strip.
We could learn so much if we just opened our eyes and looked around.

Recent Comments by Trevor Shiell

Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval
Did the Dinasaur museum do anything to enliven that end of the mall? Figures on entry? (Todd Tavern does better.) It too should have been at the Geological museum at AZRI in conjunction with the cultural centre across the road at Yirara, involving the students, and a new contemporary visitors’ centre at the Transport Hall of Fame, as in Katherine and as apart of a brand new tourism precinct between the gap and the airport, leaving the current CBD as a historical display site – what’s left of it!.
Pitchi Richi site? Shameful in spite of the best interests of some locals.
Townsville has a mining centre of excellence,like we should have at at the Minerals display at ASRI. It’s almost like we are ashamed of our unique geology.
Qld has a solar highway Brisbane to Cairns. What have we got on our approaches? City type metropolitan houses so Southern tourists can feel at home.
How long will it be before Governments realise that the economic future of the town lies South of the gap in spite of the vested interests protecting their backsides North of the gap. The number of vehicles moving in that direction daily should surely tell them something.

Lucky the Town Council isn’t in the forestry business
Forget the ombudsman. He has moved to Darwin just like the Jacana lady and the PAWA person.
If you want to contact them breed some messenger pigeons and wait to be contacted within the next few working days. Or weeks. We really don’t matter to them and what was once the Berrimah line had morphed into the great wall of Katherine.

A touch of light: termite alates
I have never understood why the active ingredient in native pine has not been isolated and used to protect our timber houses.
Much better than CCA treatment from all points of view and why CCA vineyard training fences are now strictly controlled.
Most people don’t take the trouble to find out what the “A” in CCA stands for arsenic. This is of course, also why the original telegraph line used native pine poles.
What is it in native pine that repels termites? No one ever bothered to ask and this could have been a significant project economically for this town where termites are a real problem.
The significance of this has never been seen by the science or political community.
One would have thought that in the common good of he community the task of using this common observation to our advantage would have been instantly assigned to DKA or CSIRO to investigate and applied for the common good.
This is just another example of political thought, common sense observation, scientific training, and political ignorance are often mutually exclusive, and why I built my deck with Cyprus pine.

COVID-19 testing in Alice: It’s a secret
Is the detention centre at Ross River still unfit for purpose?

Work on six storey accommodation complex to start in May
I’m sure that visitors will flock here to gaze in admiration on a six story residential building just as they flock to Anzac Hill to gaze in awe on the monstrosity that serves as a Supreme Court building.
What a great reminder of our unique history!
Perhaps long term planning people should spend some time on Anzac Hill and listen to some of the comments when I point out the few remaining buildings in town that represent our history and cultural heritage.
You won’t need a calculator to count them. Yet in other centres they are the driving force behind tourism.
In the meantime the Red Hot arts centre with so much value to the community and informing visitors of what they can get involved in here, languishes in the back blocks.
It should be where the visitors centre currently is and the visitors centre should be at the Transport Hall of Fame with a feeder road from the Welcome Rock.
Where is our icon? Perhaps we have an iconic drain. Perhaps a giant figure of our early people who started the ball rolling up here-an Afghan cameleer or the Aileron style proud indigenous man or both.
We certainly can do better than a six story residential complex.
There is no provision here for people who want to build individually styled eco villages or communal eco villages as has happened in Adelaide at Christies Close in the heart of Adelaide.
For those who base their decisions on yield per square metre, as so often happens here, land values around Christies Close in the heart of Adelaide actually rose post the development.
It should have happened here.

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