Pestering self made autocrat. …

Comment on Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it by Ken.

Pestering self made autocrat.

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Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more
Thank you, Erwin, as you write and inform:
1. Could you provide monthly accomodation figures on the to-be mothballed or closed accommodation motels and hotels or venues at Yulara over the next 12 months?
2. Could you advise the gate numbers which supply the income on a six-monthly basis to the traditional owners?
3. Will any traditional owner be paid any regular gate-money which they rely on to buy cars etc?
4 In view of the above when will they change their mind?
5. My old mate who was the senior TO man once said in relation to the above loss of gate-money “Let them climb!”

Is government fumbling our solar future?
Solve the problem of overspending and deficit. Vote Eli Melky in as the new Chief Minister at the next Territory election.

Council on climate: wide-ranging action as matter of urgency
Whatever is fashionable at the moment. There is little baseline science available, only statistics.

Debt-ridden govt wrests control of debt-free Transport Hall
The Gunna Government is its own worst enemy.

Gallery swap: Aborigines second in pecking order
When will the Labor NT government grow up. This latest pronouncement shows that Gunner has “spat-the-dummy” and is now yelling his head off like a recalcitrant child who cannot get his way.
Apart from yelling I bet his eyeballs are bulging further when he talks and whimpers. A sure sign.

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