Well done Dale, I wish I could have dodged and …

Comment on Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it by Peter Hoey.

Well done Dale, I wish I could have dodged and weaved like that when I played footy.

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Camps leader Shirleen Campbell, Local Hero
Well done to Shirleen and the other winners too. It’s a worthy group.

Three town councillors in Country Party push
Wow! How many parties is that now Eli?

Red Centre NATS crowd numbers spin exposed
I guess the Finke numbers are a bit suss too, especially those camped down the track?
Plenty of movement back and forth for supplies.

Raindrops in Rangeview Estate
Umbrellas sold out in every store!!

Wowser games?
Great move. Now for the 2020 Masters whereby alcoholic drinks are completely out and soft drinks are sugar free.
Then aim for 2022 where the tipple of choice will be distilled water and fat free food.
Glad to see wine drinkers have gone cold turkey from the get go. Just hope those in the VIP area embrace the changes with enthusiasm.

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