I see another “Melanka” happening here. Why rush to knock something …

Comment on Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it by Local Thinker.

I see another “Melanka” happening here.
Why rush to knock something down before a financially sustainable proposal and decision is made to redevelop it?
Dale suggests: “There were significant issues to bring it up to today’s standards, to Australian standards.”
What were the issues Dale?
Whilst recognising there are generally issues in upgrading older buildings to current standards, I recall the “Greatorex” building was successfully upgraded to do so and now repurposed as the new police station only some four or five years ago.
Just as well Gunner and Dale weren’t in power then, otherwise it appears the Greatorex Building would have been demolished as well!
Sometimes there’s no sense in trying to make sense of political speak.
But it seems like those +500 or so additional NTG employees / “advisors” recently reported about are getting paid well to deliver not much of a service.

Recent Comments by Local Thinker

Blackout: ALP backs call to keep old power station on standby
Thank Goodness for this on-standby decision.
But why are only three (as recently reported) of the nine or 10 new generators at Owen Springs only commissioned?
What’s happened to the other six or seven?
We did pay $75 million for them all, not three.
If these were all commissioned and fully operational and working would we actually need Ron Goodin?
Just Curious.

No power for eight hours on hot, humid day
Shaun: Spot on. I thought it was weird comment as well as I was out and about myself and didn’t feel any humidity.
However, you forget the Darwin centric location and thinking of those making the decisions and these type of comments.
Clouds in Darwin generally equate to humidity … so it must be the same down here as well!
But apparently the clouds did initiate the blackout process as the alternative solar power generation source was compromised by them and couldn’t produce enough capacity!
If the dependability of Alices’s future power supply is on clouds or no clouds from now on I might be moving interstate!

Private $25m residential project for health staff
Private investment? 100% backed by a long term government contract which I’m sure works very much in the long term favour of the private investor, not the taxpayer!
Take away the government contract and what do you get?
No “private” investment.
Does Gunner really think we are that stupid to not recognise this is not private investment?
Well, come the next election he may be feeling like the stupid one … if he doesn’t already.
Does this bunch of ex school teachers running the Territory really understand the real world outside of a classroom?

Government electricity firm in trouble as solar booms
Didn’t Giles and/or predecessors already sell all of NT’s Gas?!
As well as Darwin Port??!!
For short term election funding war chest purposes … which did him a wealth of good. Not.

Cr Melky: Mayor’s CLP candidacy, a risk for the council?
Perhaps a little Pot / Kettle / Black of Eli?
So what happens when Eli announces he is standing for the ACP in the next NT election?
Which is not exactly a very well hidden secret.
Or does he only attract “conflict of interest” himself once he officially states he is running?
Which appears a little disingenuous to me, as he himself is not exactly apolitical.
Lets face it, we all know council run along 4 x Libs v 4 x Labour / Other / Greens lines.
Local Government is ALWAYS State / Fed Party Political affiliated.
You do wonder if they are actually working for the residents and ratepayers of Alice Springs though, or just in it to further their own higher political ambitions.

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