Look at the pictures you mob, it’s a resort! There’s …

Comment on Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it by Green Street Academy.

Look at the pictures you mob, it’s a resort! There’s a large kitchen, meeting hall or gym, room for accommodation, studios and micro enterprises, low hanging fruit for our forward thinking leaders.
The town could have both, community at Anzac and Art and Culture south of The Gap. It makes perfect sense.
Why does it have to be one or the other? I know the Minister for Central Australia and I’m positive she’s capable of advancing two development projects at once.
She might need permission from up north but. This is embarrassing – adjust the blinkers please.

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Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it
Dear Namatjira Art Collector: I would urge you to delay sending or perhaps simply loan your collection to South Australia in the belief that maybe, just maybe, a future government of the Northern Territory might prove itself worthy of such the gallery project.
A single art gallery to represent many language groups is not the only model.
Who knows, maybe the arts trail being developed could include a modest facility at Hermannsburg and placing your watercolour collection within this environmental and social context would certainly value add the works and empower the people who live there.
Such a facility could function as an annexe of a bigger Alice Springs gallery with curatorial oversight and training of locals during its establishment phase.
If it’s not too late, please think it over.
ALP or CLP, I know it seems Central Australia will always be short-changed by its leaders but I live in hope.
Perhaps this is the price we must pay for living in paradise.

Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it
An NT Government climate change update just arrived in my inbox touting a low carbon future. All talk no substance as they rush to demolish an amazing complex at Anzac.
I was a rusted on Labor voter. Now I’ll be switching to Independent.
It’s definitely time to give up on the major parties when each enthusiastically promotes the poor record of the other to legitimise and excuse their own tragic record in Government.

Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it
Like Mardi and Jim, I too respect Minister Wakefield’s experience and commitment to the social services sector and don’t mind admitting that I was optimistic after the last election because some-one with real knowledge was to be our Minister for Families and Children’s Services.
I’ve now read the youth action plan and it feels like a good start although I’d like to have seen a commitment to venues that support and challenge our youth and make significant space for young people of all races and social strata to interact positively and learn from one another.
Youth homelessness was cited as the final goal (7) and with all the objectives listed, funding was vital.
Maybe that’s why I’m so incensed by the wasteful agendas on display at Anzac. I could go on and on but I need to mention the Anzac High precinct and the gift it offers the NT Cabinet in its current form.
I believe the previous government designated the site as a youth hub but failed to seriously develop the concept.
From memory the Giles Government also cut real funding to youth services so they had their own credibility problems.
I trust the current government’s shameful neglect is not tainted by “it’s not our idea” pique.
The town’s youth facilities seem woefully inadequate and this large scale site offers endless opportunities, a veritable village where young people can meet with room to breathe.
It is large and rich enough to include intergenerational layering and the enterprise opportunities and encouragement that can bring.
The building envelope is huge with abundant rooms for amongst other uses, crisis accommodation for the homeless (Goal 7).
I strongly believe that an imaginative redevelopment of Anzac with an imperative to address some of the town’s pressing social needs at its heart, is more important than building a single tourist attraction on this site.
I support the notion of a major cultural centre but I believe there are better sites.
I firmly believe that overtly planning tourist attractions to support retailers in the Mall is wrong headed.
Consider objectively the cost benefits of recent public investment in Mega Fauna Central. If we can make genuine headway on the social and environmental challenges facing this community, we’ll create a destination attractive to tourists in the process.
The Minister’s trite and factually incorrect comments on the quality and condition of Anzac High precinct are incredibly disrespectful to anyone who expects accountability in government.
There are NO significant impediments to utilising the heritage buildings for myriad “contemporary” uses.
With respect Minister, the advice you are receiving and repeating is worse than bullshit.
We expect much better than this from our leaders.
If this unadulterated spin is indicative of the advice now driving the secret deliberations of the NT Cabinet then heaven help us all.
I only wish I could be as polite as Peter Hoey.

Recent Comments by Green Street Academy

Council resignations and surprising alliances
A backlash was predictable but I’m surprised by the use of “economic sanctions” on our region!
In the affairs of human relations and community bridge building this is a very, very small action. Clearly some of those skeletons in family cupboards must be rattling.
I’d be surprised if there were any serious threat to Stuart’s statue or his marble form in Adelaide. Mind you, when I think of Stuart it’s not a Daniel Boone frontiersman lookalike that springs to mind but the almost blind and half starved invalid supported on an improvised stretcher between a couple of skeletal horses.
Amazing subject matter for any sculptor.
Stuart is described in Wikipedia as “… a slight, delicately built young man, standing 5’6” tall (168 cm) …” This indefatigable Scotsman and brilliant explorer died in London at the age of 50, destitute and forgotten.
I agree with Hal’s comment that our community has stepped onto a slippery slope but I reckon we’re mature and brave enough to navigate through.
There are other street names that acknowledge historical figures with a chequered past and in some cases it’s their later acts of redemption that are truly inspirational.
Our history would be a blank book if all the flawed characters were expunged so those naive enough to believe in good and evil stereotypes should be careful what they wish for.
The lessons of Willshire include some very brave and honourable Europeans and some murderous native constables with their own agendas.

Council resignations and surprising alliances
A welcome decision, especially given its unanimous support in an often divided chamber.
Can we consider placing beneath the bold new street name, some reference to “formerly Willshire St.” in fine print with a link / QR code etc directing all to Council’s website with a summary of Willshire’s nefarious role in the history of Centralia and the processes that culminated in re-naming the street.

Stuart statue should have King Charley as opposite
A wonderful contribution!

Curfew a child protection measure: Territory Alliance
Thank you Michelle and Elle. All three levels of government (a perfect Alice scenario for blame shifting and buck passing) need to coordinate and invest in our young people. I expected better policy than this from Territory Alliance.

Mparntwe custodians: Lhere Artepe does not speak for us
Agree completely with Arunta Man, Perrule and Alex Hope.

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