We should all boycott this grab for money. Just bypass …

Comment on Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more by Chris Newman.

We should all boycott this grab for money. Just bypass The Rock and go Alice Springs and other attractions and then to the Devil’s Marbles for free.
There are many other attractions in the NT, this one has priced itself out of the market.
Long term they will have to drop it to survive.

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High season caravan occupancy rate: Zero.
No reason not to open the boarders to WA, SA and NT. Just keep Vic, NSW and QLD until the numbers are consistently zero.
It’s better to get some people travelling now otherwise it will be too busy all at once.

Town under pressure from visitor boom
Great that visitors numbers are up for this year but I worry that once to Rock climb is closed in October visitor numbers will be much lower next year and every year after.

Government transparency? Don’t ask.
This has gone on for many years. They were not even paying GST at some times. No proper receipts were issued so not all the money could be accounted for.
The government should not allow it to continue. We have already lost one caravan park in Alice and we don’t want to lose anymore.
It would be interesting to know who is paying the power, water bills and rates as this is a huge expense to the other parks.
The other parks can’t provide for this expense if they don’t charge enough for a site.
Blatherskite should not be subsidised to provide a cheaper service.

RV travellers urged to boycott Alice
There are many caravan parks in Alice, even four within walking distance to Blatherskite park. All with much better facilities like laundromats, swimming pools and camp kitchens.
They have all been affected by the undercutting of Blatherskite and one at Heavitree Gap is even closing.
There is plenty of free camping all the way to Alice but surely most people will want a park to stay at with facilities, security and catch up with the laundry, rubbish removal and the like.

What will it take for the government to act in Alice?
Crime is also very bad in Tennant Creek, time to stop the drug dealers and the youths breaking into everything in search of grog. It’s making our Territory look like a prison with more bars on windows and doors to try and stop them.
Even after these individuals go to court they are just released on bail to re offend.
I don’t think more money is the answer.
Time for the youth to get a kick up their butts and to be made responsible for their own actions.

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