It costs $46 for an adult spring pass at Niagara …

Comment on Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more by Davo.

It costs $46 for an adult spring pass at Niagara Falls ($66 AUD). $35 for children ($51 AUD). Add $10 for car entry ($14.52 AUD) and you can’t swim in Niagara Falls. A lot of the comments around Uluru are just plain mean spirited.

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CAAMA ‘drowning in debt’: Regulator
Someone please remind Arunta Man and Jack we are talking about the financial situation of an Aboriginal media organisation and not their disappointment of who has been recognised as TOs. Is it sour grapes?

Three killed in road crash
Congrats to the good people trying to find answers to what ills Alice Springs at present.
Boos and jeers to people like “Liberal” (not small l) who just like to sit on the sidelines and hang you-know-what.

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
@ Really: You ask: “Would you mob be jumping on the band wagon if it was the other way around? Blackfella killing a white police officer”.
There’s plenty of white police officers killing black people, but a blackfella killing a white police officer? In what universe does that happen?

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
Any clown can become a police officer these days. It’s a job you can get when you can’t get a job.
He could have used his Taser, capsicum spray, or shot him in a non-fatal area like in the leg.
Just an incompetent cop who received poor training.
Should’ve stuck to harassing people coming out of the bottle shop, but now he has to live with the fact he’s killed someone.

Boyer Lectures aim to reignite recognition debate
Evelyne Roullet: The fact you’ve lived to a ripe old age suggests you’ve never had a problem getting health care.
Maybe ask Rachel Perkins what her Dad did in the 60s to ensure “Equity of Access” when Aboriginal people couldn’t swim in pools in NSW.
That was racism based.
Having clinics for Aboriginal people is providing “Equity of Access” for Aboriginal people.
At 76, you have surpassed the life expectancy of the Aboriginal male (71). Congratulations. By the way, what benefits do you get as an older citizen that I’m not entitled to as a younger person?
Whenever anyone comments on Aboriginal society, there’s always a whiff of hypocrisy.

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