@ Scott: To compare the AFL or movies is an …

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@ Scott: To compare the AFL or movies is an unfair comparison. These are commercial entities which are not prepaid by the taxpayers.
I have and always will take issue with having to pay to visit things I already pay for in my taxes.

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Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more
If the taxpayers can withdraw the funding, perhaps our tax will go down.
While I understand the Anangu people’s wishes for people not to climb, I’d be interested to see how much of taxpayers dollars were, and still are being used to fund the area.
No doubt it would be “commercial in confidence”.
So when you ring your bank to see what your account fees are for and they say “commercial in confidence” what will you do?

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Standoff over Anzac Oval for gallery crescendoes
@ 4 Merrilyn Spencer: I am astounded that you believe the gallery “is a life line for our collapsed tourism industry”.
Such shallow thinking entitles you to run for politics!
There are so many other factors that bring tourists and art in Alice is not one of them.
Value for money, a safe place, feeling welcome and of course the sights.
Unfortunately we fail on three of the four items.
Caravan sites are way too expensive compared to most other states, the government and town council ensure the tourists and locals aren’t safe. Feeling welcome has a lot to do with feeling safe and respected.
The sights, well there are a multitude of beautiful and interesting sites to be seen, in and around Alice.
Perhaps people just need to take a break from their phones, TVs and other distractions and enjoy some of the best views and outings and weather in Australia.
So, is the gallery location really that important in the scheme of things? I say NOT.

High season caravan occupancy rate: Zero.
It appears that some people believe COVID-19 is like a fire. It won’t just fizzle out, it needs to be managed out.
While we need to balance the economic factors against those for personal or financial gain, keeping the borders closed for a bit longer can only help us.
Many citing impacts to tourism appear to be more concerned about money. This mentality got us here in the first place.
Yep, these times are tough for all but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few.

Solar lights can be moved with ‘ease’
@ Betty: Well Betty, as you mentioned, it “present an attractive face”. Well all the Town Council folk who make decisions about attractive, need to visit Cowell in SA!
It’s a beautiful spot and the council and everyone takes great pride in the place.
They even have nice paintings in the public loos that are for sale and this works on an honour system.
Hell, if the Alice Springs Town Council could achieve that, we’d all be over the moon.
So ASTC, get off your high horses and measure your performance on a place like Cowell and you may regenerate some pride and respect for the council.

Council rejects parts of Kilgariff
Kilgariff was alway going to be a problematic white elephant.
Everyone know about “location location location “ so why is it where it is?
Even if there were nice, even fences, the whole place looks like an eyesore.
Then there’s the internals and factions between the LDC, DIPL, council and of course the developer?
So it was a political bandaid that somewhat backfired.
The only saving grace for the bunny purchaser is eventually they will have a reasonable asset due the the shortage of land that created this fiasco in the first place.

Solar lights can be moved with ‘ease’
Well it’s early days yet, so give the newbies a chance. Robert Jennings seems to have a good head and Sabine appears to have some financial experience.
Hopefully Mr Jennings will sort out the misfits in the council, or will they continue to outsmart him as they did with the former CEO? There is some very bad culture in the town council that goes back many many years.
Anyway hang on for the ride ratepayers and keep paying for services that we don’t receive.

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