Why is the poor broke government going to waste funds …

Comment on Government grant for Todd Tavern, Alice Plaza development by Pam Hooper.

Why is the poor broke government going to waste funds on a privately owned business?
Other privately owned businesses are not allowed to ask for assistance.
Wasting money is the thing this government is best at and will be remembered for.
So many other worthwhile things they could have done for our town during their term of office.

Recent Comments by Pam Hooper

$5m government owned youth camp still unused: Lambley
This facility needs to be reopened again. It is offering troubled youth an opportunity to develop a lifetime skill and from that, a future.
If some leave and steal cars etc then those are forfeiting their opportunity and should be sent to a stricter place.
There would be quite a few young people who have gratefully received care from Will Mcgregor’s facilities over the years and gone on to a better life.
It is fortunate that there are a few people with Will’s experience who are prepared to offer their lives to help these people – they should be given every assistance, and a lot more young people may find a way to usefully fit into today’s society.

Memo Club for 24/7 youth centre?
This could be a good idea, certainly for starters. Hopefully enough volunteers will be available to staff the proposed facility, keep an eye on the kids while they are there and make sure they stay for the night or longer.

Four lanes through Gap: Does Alice need them?
This has been discussed for much longer than 2008.
I remember discussions about a “cantilever” road through the Gap during the 1980s when it was anticipated population would grow hugely in the next decade, with housing to extend in the direction of Undoolya.
I do wonder about having any structure in the Gap which may cause water to dam up and flood the town in a big flood event.

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