Wow – 16,000 eligible Aboriginal Territorians not on the electoral …

Comment on Vast electorates, poor participation in our democracy by Mark J Smith.

Wow – 16,000 eligible Aboriginal Territorians not on the electoral roll!
I suppose this also impacts on the accuracy of polling data.

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Unearthed: local impact of global pandemic 100 years ago
Thanks for this snapshot of history.

Alice Prize: online but undaunted
This is an interesting and comprehensive review of the current Alice Springs Art Prize. The winning work by Thea Perkins is evocative and meaningful given the association of Charlie Perkins with his original home, Alice Springs. The work displays a poignancy in relation to Aboriginal land rights campaigns over the years as spoken through the images of Charlie Perkins and his daughter. Such an art work will, as the years gather, be a defining reminder of what Aboriginal people have suffered since the white occupation of this country. The best way to understand the importance of human rights is to have your rights denied.

2020 NT election: A hung Parliament is possible.
Johnston by-election update. Josh Thomas will be the CLP’s candidate for Johnston. CLP Leader Gary Higgins says on Twitter: “Josh is a born and bred Territorian, and has been campaigning for 11 months already.”

Mass rally shows fury, distrust for police, government
Thanks for being in the front line to report on this community statement, Erwin. Very challenging times.

Camps leader Shirleen Campbell, Local Hero
Congratulations Shirleen. Well done on giving a stronger voice to women. Keep up the positive work.

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