The steady decline in Aboriginal electoral enrolment has been a …

Comment on Vast electorates, poor participation in our democracy by Ari Corcoran.

The steady decline in Aboriginal electoral enrolment has been a deliberate policy commenced by John Howard.
After his 1996 election victory, one of his first move was to abolish the then Aboriginal electoral enrolment education campaign as a “cost saving”.
The then AEC boss, Bill Gray, told Howard he could do it within his reduced budget. Howard refused to allow it to happen.
Recent attempts by the NT Electoral Commission to reverse this have had some success, joined by groups such as the CLC.

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Government grant for Todd Tavern, Alice Plaza development
The northern end of the Mall has been in the process of revitalisation in recent times with the opening of The Goods and The Bakery, joining Piccolos, as a growing precinct, along with the Megafauna Museum. This is small business reflecting the country town that makes Alice Springs a liveable place.
Meanwhile we have a government bent on subsidising large landholders such as those that control the Plaza.
Presumably the Plaza owners are facing down the barrel of Target pulling up stumps because – frankly –hardly anyone shops in the Plaza. It is largely home to various government departments which massively subsidise the same property owners now with their hands out.
Of course it is “commercial in confidence” because it wouldn’t pass the average pub test, not least the owners of the Todd Tavern who also have lined their pockets with government money.
The Plaza, of course, was a white elephant from Day One – an architectural monstrosity now joined by the totalitarian edifice of the Supreme Court.
God knows what is proposed about the “redevelopment” of the Plaza but, short of a bulldozer, it doesn’t bode well.
Any major rebuild will cripple small businesses in the northern end of the Mall.
So much for support to the CBD.

Bringing Arrernte language into town signage
I wish I knew the Arrernte for “about bloody time!”

Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking
@John Bell

Of course, “(c)limate change deniers have equal rights with climate change alarmists to place their arguments in the public arena”, but having that right does not equal the power of arguing from an evidence base–for which anthropogenic causation is overwhelming. Having an “entitled” belief does not make that belief correct in the real, non-flat-earth, world.

Your reference to King Canute is supremely amusing. It is the climate change denialists who dispute the rise in sea levels due to climate change. I guess that makes Cr Price something of a King, or Queen, Canute as she tries to turn back the tide of evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately, given trends towards hotter and drier conditions in central Australia, Cr Price is unlikely to get “very wet feet”!

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