@ David: Three shots were fired, but the victim was …

Comment on ‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’ by Inside Information.

@ David: Three shots were fired, but the victim was only hit once. This is known from the paramedics. It’s easy to think that two warning shots were fired before an actual shot was fired at the victim.
@ Ellen Fiamengo: The victim was taken to the police station immediately as the clinic was shut and unmanned due to safety concerns. The police officer who was stabbed was later (day after) taken to the Alice Springs Hospital for treatment.
@ Confused: Yes you are confused. Emergency medical services were called within 20 minutes of the incident. Family would not be informed of the victim’s medical status due to the overhanging risk of a riot happening. They already attacked the ambos coming to treat the victim! The paramedics were greeted with a bunch of rocks thrown at them, hitting them IN THE HEAD. Who does that to someone coming to HELP? Body cam footage obviously will not be released as it is part of the investigation.
@ Davo: The victim was shot in the upper chest. One would think the police officer was aiming for the shoulder or upper arm, to get the victim to drop his weapon. But one sudden movement is all it takes. I’m not sure if you have ever fired a firearm but the slightest tremble and you will miss your intended target.

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