@ InsideInformation: Thank you so much for clearing the air …

Comment on ‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’ by Confused.

@ InsideInformation: Thank you so much for clearing the air and aiding my confusion.
Honestly it is so SO good that you have all that info.
Maybe you might like to share what YOU seem to know with his grieving family.
They haven’t received any answers, information or any new developments since this happened on Saturday.
It’s now nearly Thursday. Oh, and of course the footage will never be released. SILLY ME for thinking that maybe at least someone in his family should see how their 19 year old family member took his final breath.

Confused Also Commented

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
I am confused. There were two policeman and one 19-year-old.
Are NT Police trained to disarm an individual in self defence without use of a fire arm? Especially if there are two against one?
If an individual is shot therefore limiting their ability to walk, breathe, exert themselves after the fact does it still mean its necessary to hand cuff the individual whose been shot?
I am also confused by the fact that after said shooting the two policemen then took the individual to the local police station which was vacant and then kept the body in the police station for two hours or longer locked in with the lights turned off before calling for emergency assistance or making the individual’s family aware of the of the current health status.
How can both policemen carry the weight of a 19 year old if one of the police officer has been stabbed in the shoulder?
Still also confused as to how its now Tuesday and this happened on Saturday yet the NT Police are yet to produce the footage of the incident to clarify to the grieving family what happened in order for them to grieve and heal.
In fact I am REALLY REALLY confused as to how there has been no explanation … reasoning or anything as of yet provided by the police.

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