@ Interested: I’ve only just caught up with this article …

Comment on ‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’ by Franklin D Baarda.

@ Interested: I’ve only just caught up with this article and most of it and the numerous comments are now sub judice.
As a long term resident of Yuendumu I must take issue with: “Now Yuendumu is one of the most dangerous communities in Central Australia [as is] Ali Curung.”
On what do you base this “interested”?
Have you ever visited Yuendumu? Clearly not.

Recent Comments by Franklin D Baarda

CLP on royalties: Would miners still call the tune?
“People like McArthur River Mine did’t pay any royalties for years because of that reason.”
No surprises there.
McArthur River Mine isn’t likely to pay any royalties ever, despite the McArthur River lead-zinc deposit being, I believe, the largest lead-zinc deposit in the world.
You know the old joke?
Company CEO: “What is our profit?”
Accountant: “What would you like it to be?”
It isn’t at all practical or likely to happen but I think the only way to ensure full payment of royalties is to receive them as product (a percentage of strenuously monitored production) which is then independently sold at auction.

Man armed with hunting-style knife arrested
“Through the effective use of verbal commands and appropriate operational safety tactics the man was able to be safely arrested without injury to him or the responding officers.”
Shouldn’t that read: “The man was persuaded to peacefully give himself up”?

Recovery: No help from oil and gas, says study
A Tennant Creek to Darwin pipeline duplicates the existing Mereenie / Palm Valley pipeline to Darwin.
There is probably a rational explanation for this.
Can anyone help with this?
As for the need to subsidise huge capital intensive projects, I’m not so sure.
I have serious doubts about the level playing field and the trickle down effect and think the NT is far too willing to encourage outsiders to make a shit load of money from our non-renewable resources.

Macs stay closed while other COVID restrictions come down
Something fishy going on.
When the Intervention was imposed on Prescribed Areas, recreational fishermen were exempted from the restrictions.
@ Litmus: I too saw the joyous press conference and noticed the Chief Minister emphasised with what I suppose he thought was a vote winning grin that Territorians could again go fishing.
I think you’re being a bit unfair though. It isn’t Nigel Scullion and Michael Gunner’s fault Central Australia has no fishing spots.

NT dismal in State of the States Report
“One of the most worrying indicators is population, where the Territory is down 163% over the decade average”….???
Could someone please explain?
One way of interpreting that phrase is that the NT has a population of less than zero, which I only need to look out my window to ascertain that that isn’t true.

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