Spot on comments from “Watchin”above, obviously a long term local …

Comment on Gallery and library: political game vs solutions by Alice Tour Guide.

Spot on comments from “Watchin”above, obviously a long term local resident.
Time to go Damo, a fish rots from the top!

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Qantas boss earns 270 times the national average
@ Surprised,: I think you have missed the point of the original post which brings up a valid message in regards to executive renumeration.
Unfortunately, the problem of expensive flights to our region is made worse by the excessive charges of the company which runs the Alice Springs Airport.
Apparently the financial regulators are looking at these matters!

Krafty’s call to arms to revitalise tourism industry
Our tourism industry needs to market itself much more effectively. Also, smaller operations need to collaborate and package accommodation and experiences that will attract more visitors. The councils need to work with day / night patrol to manage and enforce by-laws, thereby keeping the town cleaner and safer for visitors and locals alike!

Fire in the desert: a formidable threat and a tool
I hear that the NAFI website could be shut down at the end of 2011. After what we have experienced, this would be extremely unwise(!)

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