Hopefully Ms Lambley will do some basic research about her …

Comment on Another blackout: Sack TGen board, says Lambley. by Simon Kelly.

Hopefully Ms Lambley will do some basic research about her chosen topic before her next call for sackings, or it might be her head that rolls.
She has been a good independent member but has taken lately to shooting from the hip.

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Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more
I would have thought it far more likely John was referring to Charlie Perkins, Charlie.

Blackout: Managers must go, says union source
I agree with Ted that the most annoying thing about the blackout was the failure of PWA or the ABC to provide us with any information about it.
The next most annoying thing is now the facile rush to judgement by various parties — the usual calls for heads to roll, and even “just fix it” from a pollie who on ABC radio compared it with getting her car fixed.
We had seven hours of blackout, until when our old swampy was keeping our house beautifully cool despite the “humid” weather.
We were unhappy with the heat, but I don’t see how sacking someone will stop it happening again.
A bit of clear thinking suggests we may be dealing with an unprecedented situation in terms of ever-increasing amounts of solar electricity being fed into the grid and its sudden disappearance when the weather goes cloudy.
The new gas turbines, although moved to Alice Springs three years ago, have only been operational for less than two years, and teething problems might reasonably be expected, especially given the new solar regime, for which our grid was not designed.
A proper inquiry is indeed needed before the blame game gets out of hand.

Government electricity firm in trouble as solar booms
Interesting article, which raises several questions I am sure you can answer for me and other readers of your excellent newspaper.
Mr Duignan says: “The 10 OSPS Jenbacher generators will ensure there is adequate reliable capacity to meet the Alice Springs electricity demand whenever the sun is not shining.”
Are you saying that Alice Springs really only needed five new generators, not 10, to meet the overnight demand, or indeed to cater for the highly likely event that the sun eventually stops shining every day and the town experiences a more intermittent supply of solar energy as happened in 2010?
To be fair to Territory Generation, it would seem the company is in a difficult situation when it has to provide a continuous, full and reliable back-up electricity supply for times when there is no sunshine, but cannot use its turbines when the sun is shining.
It was also interesting to read that Pine Gap will be going on the grid, but left me wondering how much electricity it will need and whether five generators would have been enough for both the town and the JDSRF at the same time.
Of course batteries could provide a possible alternative back-up solution, but it sounds as if the town would need another nine to provide the necessary back-up.
Besides the cost of these, the question then arises of when the batteries would run out of stored solar-driven electricity.
Meanwhile I have heard reports that the town is facing an over-supply of solar power as consumers continue to cash in on subsidised solar panels. Is this the case?

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