Alex Nelson’s comments are true. These issues have been around …

Comment on Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’? by David.

Alex Nelson’s comments are true. These issues have been around more or less forever.
Political parties keep banging the law and order drum for their own gain.
Terry Mills with his newly formed political party is doing it again without demonstrating how that party will achieve law and order without going on the usual and predictable path all political parties and governments take.
If a large number of people consisting of Aboriginal elders, leaders and influential people in the community can come together to protest, why can’t negotiations occur with these same people who were quite publicly prominent, to establish a body representing key Aboriginal elder groups, Aboriginal organisations, key government decision makers, non government agencies, police and Alice Springs Town Council, to work to seek bipartisan solutions dealing with youth crime and other anti social and criminal issues.
Establish an agreed Memorandum of Understanding on how all parties should work together. Do it without political involvement or power plays. Try something outside the box.

Recent Comments by David

CAAMA must show why it shouldn’t be under administration
@ Liberal. Jeff is right – just because the organisation is black.
Parliamentarians in Canberra behave in a blatant corrupt way to buy votes, banks and investment corporations have been proven to be crooked thieves but hey, that’s alright with you.
There may be matters that CAAMA may need to appropriately respond to but those other mugs ripped off people in the whole country. But to you that must be good behaviour – perhaps CAAMA should take a lesson from them how to do it coming out smelling like a bouquet of flowers instead of stink.

10,000 international student target ‘unrealistic’
And Territory Alliance party is above spin. Are they with that coming from Dr Danial Kelly a former political and policy advisor to the South Australian Government.
Probably more spin than a spin dryer. The NT just gets recycled advisors and pollies reinventing themselves – no value in any of them.

Government millions spent outside tender process
When Charles Darwin Uni (CDU) was established that did away with the Tertiary and Further Education (TAFE) with all TAFE centres and activities gradually coming to an end in all Territory towns.
TAFE offered a range of training including basic training at a local level in various hands on skills that gave skills to equip people for a range of jobs including in the building industry.
The CDU is a failure in this respect with more focus on international students rather than on our own local people.
We need to get back to the basics but our governments lacks vision and commitment despite all the talk about growing our own. Talk is cheap [but] comes at a big cost.

Aboriginal royalties: A golden deal?
@ Jack: Jane Blunden is member of the Kurra Royalty Association so should know what she is talking about when she says there is minimal benefit for people on the ground.
Jack, you sort of said that yourself. Having two bob each way defending CLC?
CLC represents views of Aboriginal people but not all Aboriginal people, only those who hold power to help keep land council in power, a sort of quid pro quo.
Everything that was originally set up was for the benefit of all Aboriginal people in the bush in what ever shape or form that could be (to help overcome poverty) but is hijacked to benefit the unconscionable powerful.
And so, why Aboriginal people sell their own art to achieve things that these sorts of monies could help address.

Aboriginal royalties: A golden deal?
In his wisdom the former Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, gave control of ABA monies to the land councils when once the ABA was independent of Land Councils.
Of course applying for funding through the former ABA outside land councils certain criteria still needed to be met by applicants.
Now under land councils successful applications are based on whether applicants are favoured by land councils if not you get zilch.
If land councils were doing the right thing there would hardly be the soaring crime rate.
Royalties have caused haves and have nots – those in poverty.
Greed is everywhere. So much for caring and sharing. Governments are complicit in it all by allowing it to function the way it does.

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