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Comment on Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’? by Alex Nelson.

@ Eli Melky (Posted November 27, 2019 at 6:41 am): Eli, you’re no pioneer leading the way into new territory on this issue, by a very long shot.

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Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’?
It’s not just “tin ears” that’s the problem here, it’s the goldfish-in-a-bowl corporate memory loss from which we most grievously suffer over the long term.
For God’s sake, we all need to get a bit real – there’s been crime, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, kids on the streets to all hours of night, as front page news not just for years, but for decades! Repeat – decades!
As for the “crime wave” supposedly inundating our town now, go back to the late 1980s to the mid 90s, when at times murders were occurring in Alice Springs at the rate of one a month!
In October 1990 the crime wave was so bad – an offence committed at the rate of one every three and a half hours for the preceding 12 months – that the TIO was foreshadowing a premium increase for vehicle, home and contents insurance specific to Alice Springs, and nowhere else in the Territory.
There is nothing like that happening now.
Go back three decades ago and we had 13,000 protective custody cases in one year – that was equivalent to more than half the town’s population at the time.
But what we get so often from local commentators today is that what’s happening now is the worst it’s ever been – and so many people have been saying exactly the same thing year in, year out, for decades.
The overwhelming majority of people here, including those in prominent positions of office and authority, seem not to have a clue what they’re talking about, let alone any solutions.
But, by gee, endlessly banging the law and order drum sure keeps a lot of us marching in unison come each election campaign, and virtually no-one wakes up to the fact we’re being dudded because nothing ever really changes, whomever we put in charge.

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Australian flag stolen from Anzac Hill
Not for the first time – https://www.alicespringsnews.com.au/2018/03/25/in-a-flap-over-flags-a-possible-compromise/

Gunner demands council deal with Mayor’s ‘conflict of interest’
Damien Ryan is the third mayor of Alice Springs to stand as a candidate for a Territory election campaign, the two previous being Leslie Oldfield in 1990 and Fran Kilgariff in 2005.
Leslie Oldfield stood as an independent candidate for the seat of Braitling, against sitting CLP member Roger Vale – an interesting contrast to the current situation of CLP candidate Damien Ryan contesting Araluen against sitting independent member Robyn Lambley.
Lambley is a former CLP member, while Oldfield had once been Roger Vale’s electorate officer!
Fran Kilgariff stood as a Labor candidate for the seat of Greatorex, held by the CLP’s Dr Richard Lim.
The NT Government in 2005 was also Labor, under CM Clare Martin, predecessor as Member for Fannie Bay of current CM Michael Gunner.
Apparently NT Labor didn’t have a problem back in 2005 with the mayor of Alice Springs running as a Labor candidate; and it’s rather disingenuous of Labor now to argue differently about Damien Ryan standing for the CLP.
In 2005 I had a series of articles published in the Alice Springs News commenting about NT politics, in one of which I pointed out that no mayor in the NT who had run as a candidate for the NT Legislative Assembly had been successful; and I was virtually alone in my assertion that Fran Kilgariff would equally prove unsuccessful.
That situation still stands and, frankly, I think will remain the case after the NT elections later this year.

Trashing and rebuilding: “Investing” by NT Government
It should be recalled that the Henderson Labor Government had no problem repurposing the old high school, after Anzac Hill High School was closed at the end of 2009, as the Youth Hub which was a major part of its program for dealing with children and teenagers on the streets at night.
There was much protestation from Labor when the CLP shut down the Youth Hub after it won government in 2012.
The vacant site of the former high school is mute testimony to the bungling incompetence that has become the hallmark of the Gunner Labor Government.
The fate of that old school is the same that lies in wait for Labor in this year’s NT election campaign, for it is a government that truly deserves to be completely expunged from holding office.

Why not us?
And now it’s 20% chance tomorrow (Tuesday) rising to 70% chance on Thursday (with “possible storm, heavy falls” according to the BOM) declining to 40% chance by Sunday.
I’m making preparations, accordingly.

Party full throttle in battle against fracking
It’s time to end our reliance on the notion of political parties.
What we need in our parliaments and assemblies are elected individuals of integrity and competence, who can negotiate and cooperate with one another to provide the best standard of governance for all.
The evidence built up over many years demonstrates that political parties cannot be relied upon for the provision of good government.
They may start off well intentioned but inevitably end up being captured by powerful vested interests that equate their own aims to the public good.
I think it’s well overdue that another approach towards government and administration is given serious consideration.

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