What we need is a leader with some balls like …

Comment on Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’? by Chris.

What we need is a leader with some balls like Joy Baluch.
Seems to me we are just on our gutless merry go round.

Recent Comments by Chris

Cashless Debit Card will harm: NTCOSS
Here is an idea: If you don’t want to be part of the “scheme” as some people call it, then get a job and pay your own way.
And don’t try and use the old, there is no work excuse because that is crap.
And for those who think it doesn’t work, I witness its success nearly on a daily basis for the benefit of children.

Solar cars are more than silent, fast and cheap to run
I think electric cars are great.
But I wouldn’t expect the registration costs to stay low that is for sure.
And something else will have to give also when more are using electric and less are burning fossil fuels.
Especially because as you would expect, solar is on the rise.
When the government’s income from fuel tax and registration dwindle, then they will need a new form of tax. I predict an increase in GST will be on the cards.

Shooting, not selling feral camels
The biggest problem is not transport etc. That can be overcome as it is already happening.
And trackless? People can muster cattle on the APY lands. The camels are coming in for the water.
I think the biggest issue is with the landholders.
I know of the problems they were having with the donkey and horse musters.
It could be very profitable now and that profit margin is only going to increase once the full effect of the drought and fires take their toll on the cattle and other meat industries which is going to take a very long time to recover – unfortunately! Problems are just opportunities for solutions.

Shooting, not selling feral camels
All these people out there crying they need job opportunities / meaningful employment.
Well here is another chance that will slip by waving to them as it goes.
So many opportunities which could have quite a healthy profit that could be used for so many good things in the communities.
I can’t believe people actually have to fund this stuff. Would love to know why BHP is funding, just quietly. Even if it was just a cull and the meat was to go to waste, (which would be a real shame and loss of good income or good tucker for the communities).
I am sure there are people out there who would pay good money to go on a guided hunt to shoot camels.
Then again, why do anything if your being paid to sit down by the tax payer and cry poor me?

Three killed in road crash
The three people killed were actually really good people and good parents too.
Unfortunately, people will judge them on the final act of the driver.
This wasn’t an accident, it was an act of sheer stupidity that cost people’s lives.
I also understand the frustration of the people in Alice with regards to the crime in Alice.
The three who died had jobs and were a shining light in their community.
This does not excuse the stupid act of the driver, who could have killed other innocent people with what he did.
But to put all of them in the same category as the thieves, property smashers and assaulters is not fair.

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