What we need is a leader with some balls like …

Comment on Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’? by Chris.

What we need is a leader with some balls like Joy Baluch.
Seems to me we are just on our gutless merry go round.

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Claire Hockridge found dead
Couldn’t agree with Ted more with regards to using the Aboriginal trackers.
Not only would it also go along way towards reconciliation by working together to achieve something great, but it would also give those people some purpose in life and hopefully inspire some of the younger generation to learn and carry on some very useful skills.

Vital police service to be withdrawn
Just when you think Gunner’s government couldn’t screw things up anymore, BOOM! Thanks for another kick in the guts.

Online hate speech by leading tourism figure
Someone needs to be held accountable for these little cherubs.
The big question is who. You always hear calls of taking them out bush and let there kin deal with them.
Are these the same kin that drive to town, get drunk, fight and pass out somewhere leaving the kids to run amok?
Great role models.
As for the article, sounds like victim blaming to me. The government really needs to grow a set and do something drastic, to hell with the bleeding hearts and do gooders, because if / when someone is killed by one of these rocks, I can only imaging the rage and repercussion that would follow.
It’s a sad state indeed when instead of admiring the beautiful rock formations in town, you are busy trying to spot if you are going to be a target or not.

Booze action pays dividends: Fyles
You have to be kidding right? So the current NT government removed the POSIs, and allows chaos to descend, then panics, introduces a heap of rubbish, like floor pricing which has no effect, reintroduces the POSIs at the same time to cover their incompetence, and now wants a pat on the back for their effort. Give me a break, they are fooling no one.

Firm ‘no’ from PM, Scullion to bailing out ‘bankrupt’ Territory
Sounds like the NT Labor government has been taking financial lessons from certain people on the streets, humbugging.
It still really irritates me that if a company director etc. mismanages a company, they can be prosecuted and lose everything and get jail time, but its quite OK if you are a politician.
Not only do they get away with such things but are actually rewarded for them.
If [they even book] a taxi with the government’s purse, [should they be] charged with trading whilst insolvent?

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