At the risk of commenting from afar, I read the …

Comment on Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’? by Steve Thorne.

At the risk of commenting from afar, I read the article and comments with interest. As the saying goes, “for every complex problem, there is a simple solution – and it’s wrong”. Community safety and well-being is a complex matter. I am aware of a local government which undertook to address their issues (which were very similar to those facing Alice Springs)and developed a comprehensive set of strategies to first understand the parameters of the problem, then work out both short and long terms ways to begin to address what was identified. Follow-up studies show that the crime did not just become displaced, but diminished over time. The strategies have been in place since 1999. The Council is the City of Gosnells in Western Australia. Their SafeCity strategy was called “the most advanced community safety strategy in Australia”. I was fortunate to be part of some aspects of the strategy. It would be worth talking to people at Gosnells.

Recent Comments by Steve Thorne

Have a look at what’s being demolished
Mike, you are quite right to point to this foolishness.
What an amazing waste of resources.
Your vision of turning this complex into a useful facility where young people would be able to find a vocation and become optimistic is right on the money.
It is a waste of an existing resource and a terrible waste of an opportunity for the future.

Heat rises on cooling plan
For almost every urban problem the answer is street trees. Get on with it and plant as many as possible.
You are fortunate to have one of the few indigenous deciduous trees in your town, the white cedar. Plant many more of them as soon as possible.
The other slogan I like is: “The best time to plant street trees was twenty years ago, the second best time is today.”

The gallery drama: Will there be a happy ending?
It is worth pointing out that the successful galleries you cite (Mona and Guggenheim) were both private sector initiatives.
It may be that government processes get in the way of success when it comes to delivering clarity of vision and purpose.

Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice
Let’s just hope that the design competition is not held under the jurisdiction of the Institute of Architects who limit entries to registered architects only. This project is too significant to limit entries. The government should start as it means to end – hopefully that is to be inclusive.

Fresh breeze of confidence in the CBD
Congratulations to those innovative retailers who have seen the potential to open out to Todd Street North.
The success of the vision to open the Mall and return it to a street was always dependent on close collaboration between the public and private sectors.
Congratulations also to successive Territory Governments and Town Councils who stuck by the vision in the face of sustained criticism.
I trust those who said it would never work can now see that with a bit of faith and political courage, great things are possible.

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