For our part, we have five trees at the front …

Comment on Summer tree-watering plans? Hmmm, take that on notice by Chiara Maqueda.

For our part, we have five trees at the front of our rented Northside home. At least once a year we put pea straw at their base and at least a bucket of grey water to each tree a fortnight. It takes very little time and effort and, hopefully, keeps these trees in good shape through our increasingly hot summers. There is no reason to be constantly depending on the Council to do everything when we, as citizens, can also pitch in and help.

Recent Comments by Chiara Maqueda

Government grant for Todd Tavern, Alice Plaza development
And now it becomes clear the obsession the NT Government has had all along with their demands for Anzac Hill site for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery. It has been about the CBD – and these two land owners in particular, not the small enterprises.

Guarding his culture with spear, canvas and book
A beautifully written book review. Thanks Kieran.

More than 50 Alice businesses strike for climate
In the grand scheme of things, Alice Springs had the highest participation of anywhere in Australia. 500 people at the actions = 1/50 of the population, a national rate of 250,00 (total 300,000 Oz-wide). More so with businesses. 57 businesses, a rate of 57,000 (2,500 nation-wide).
Well done!

Cops at bottle shops: expensive bluff?
@ Erwin: I have noted your brief mention of “racial profiling” and another comment.
Look, the very simple thing to do is what I do as a whitefella is automatically produce my ID to one of the PALIs or coppers. They always accept and vet it.
And, yes, I get asked some questions about where I will drink it. So what? It’s a very small cost in time and effort to – collectively in Alice Springs – reap the benefit in terms of reductions in hospital admissions for assaults generally and domestic violence in particular.
I don’t know what the overtime in costs of PALIs is, but I would bet that the scores of reduced admissions for DV alone would outweigh costs to the taxpayer – if you want to measure it in crude monetary terms.
For me? Saving the lives and safety of families in terms of reduced DV etc is worth it.
So think about it. Produce your ID to the PALIs and reap benefits for our whole community!

Bringing Arrernte language into town signage
@ John
@ Pseudo Guru

If not out of respect to the Arrernte people, which neither of you seem capable of, there are persuasive economic reasons for signposting Arrernte names for particular sites and/or dual naming.
The deal with tourism is to establish local monopolies, especially in the context of local history and culture, that no other tourist destination can have.
It’s about distinguishing a destination as an exclusive place to visit, and spend time and money.
The use of local languages in the context of Mparntwe / Alice Springs is something no other destination can do.
Take notice, for example, of the multilingual signage at the airport, which includes Arrernte. No other airport in the world can do this. All done at very small cost, and with the bonus of employing Aboriginal people.

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