Certainly there is no good reason for young kids to …

Comment on CLP calls for youth curfew in Alice Springs by Interested Darwin Observer.

Certainly there is no good reason for young kids to be on the street in the middle of the night. Just this morning whilst visiting town I saw a group of at least eight juveniles in the CBD around 5am. Not likely these exhausted kids will then be going to school is it!?
Town was an absolute mess too – looks like every wheelie bin in the CBD had been kicked over and rubbish strewn everywhere.
If the Government in its infinite wisdom takes on the role of “parent of last resort” – which they do – then they need to get into gear and start getting kids off the street and into a warm bed with a stomach full or tucker and off to school.
Given that property crime in Alice Springs has DOUBLED in the last 12 months compared to the last 12 months of the CLP government, there is a lot of work to be done to restore peace, order and guidance and protection of these neglected children.
Garry Higgins, a curfew has been spoken of for years and years. I see it as a valuable tool to protect children from street life and the path it puts them on. Put your money where your mouth is. Commit to the establishment of a properly resourced youth curfew in Alice Springs if you form Government. Commit to what it looks like and how quickly you will do it.

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CLP calls for youth curfew in Alice Springs
@ Watchn: Let me adjust those rose tinted glasses you are wearing. You must be incredibly desensitised to what is the current runaway crime of Alice Springs.
Let’s compare Alice Springs to “Down South” – the entire state of South Australia, for the last 12 months.
In Alice Springs you are 230% more likely to be raped or otherwise sexually assaulted compared to “Down South”.
In Alice Springs you are 564% more likely to be physically assaulted compared to “Down South”.
In Alice Springs you are 375% more likely to have your home broken in to compared to “Down South”.
In Alice Springs you are 381% more likely to have your business broken in to compared to “Down South”.
In Alice Springs you are 661% more likely to have your car stolen compared to “Down South”.
Of course let’s disregard these figures. After all, these are just minor things by – in part – cheeky children. Why could we possibly need a curfew?
Let’s also disregard the incoming reports of the various assaults and hospitalisations that occurred at the hands of youths to patrons leaving licensed premises on Todd Street this weekend.

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The power outages are almost a pleasant change of discussion for the minister given that her other departmental responsibilities of the town’s youths are completely outside of her competency.

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I am confused – is this party left or right?
Are they for big or small government?
Can you name one thing that the Government actually does better than the private sector?
Because let’s be honest, the education and health system is not a particularly good example. The publicly owned power and water providers aren’t a good example either.

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Clutching at straws to the extreme. Would the Chief please also provide an update on the development of property crime in Alice Springs?
As it has DOUBLED – yes DOUBLED – under your government.

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The most incompetent government in the NT history is so inept and paralysed by fear of making decisions continues to delay any action through the never ending process of expensive consultations – most of which never see the light of day or are even utilised to make a decision (Desert Park for the art gallery, anyone?)
The aerial fire fighting recently conducted in NSW showed multiple homes and cars covered in the red fire retardant. US EPA says it is basically non toxic. Just keep it away from aquatic life.
If the firies are willing to drop it onto someone’s front yard I am sure it is not such a severe risk in the arid outback.

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Watch out – they will propose to build a water park there before the election rolls around!

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