Oh no! Rascally kids and teenagers. Kicking over bins and …

Comment on CLP calls for youth curfew in Alice Springs by Watchn.

Oh no! Rascally kids and teenagers. Kicking over bins and breaking a few windows.
I will still take my chances with a sleeping drunk on a footpath and a lippy youth over a drug junkie down south.

Recent Comments by Watchn

PowerWater, Territory Generation CEOs sacked
So the power won’t go out again?

The elusive goal of deep shade in Alice
Good luck getting anything changed at council in relation to tree planting. They are still stuck on planting trees 2 feet from the gutter on every street. At a rate of 700 a year.

Claire Hockridge found dead
Seems the Palmer Valley crew didnt even know to keep an eye out.

Claire Hockridge found dead
I would think there is a good reason. Im sure plenty of people would have asked the same thing by now.

Kids ‘jumped, bashed’ numerous people: reports.
Then they would get charged with murder of a child.

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