Oh no! Rascally kids and teenagers. Kicking over bins and …

Comment on CLP calls for youth curfew in Alice Springs by Watchn.

Oh no! Rascally kids and teenagers. Kicking over bins and breaking a few windows.
I will still take my chances with a sleeping drunk on a footpath and a lippy youth over a drug junkie down south.

Recent Comments by Watchn

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What does “travelled through” mean?
[ED – Well, as in travelled through a town, city, community, suburb and so on. Hope this helps.]

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Really not looking forward to this case. Just hope there is some strong leadership and understanding, which ever way it goes.

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Good on them. Government should not be paying companies to frack.

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The Mayor needs to pull the pin and step asside very soon. Still driving his CLP logo car to his AS Town Council job almost everyday.

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@ James: There are not many circumstances that someone would find themselves in, defending their home.

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