They will only do what they can get away with …

Comment on Kids ‘jumped, bashed’ numerous people: reports. by John.

They will only do what they can get away with you are all just weak you need to take them out bush, give them a good kick in the … and leave them there. They can make their own way back to town.

Recent Comments by John

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
Well if I was a police office and someone pulled a knife on me the first thing I would reach for is my gun. God knows what these people are on these days and there is no respect for any law enforcement.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
This doesn’t surprise me at all.

Scullion announces bonanza for Menzies
The more Scullion wastes public money, the more he thinks the people actually think he is doing something – ohhhh how wrong Nigel, how wrong. Maybe put the money to better use where it will actually do some good like employing people to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities in showing them how to look after a house and what’s excepted of you within your community and maybe you will be remembered! Just another government official bla bla bla …

Recommendations in for National Indigenous Art Gallery site
The Desert Park would be a great place. Visitors would get the whole picture and would also help with numbers to the park and there is so much room there.

Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid defunded
Chairperson Terry Tilmouth says: “It again shows the true spirit of the Commonwealth Government to neglect Aboriginal affairs.”
He goes onto say: “Aboriginal people in Central Australia see themselves as a distinct desert group, separate from the rest of the NT.
“Our culture, languages and kinship systems are different to the NT and other states.
“This is another slap in the face for Aboriginal people by the Commonwealth Government who are showing their true agenda of creating disharmony, division.”
I think there is more disharmony and division in his talk. We are all Australians, aren’t we, trying to head towards a future to be treaded all the same!

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