When is the government of the day going to sort …

Comment on Kids ‘jumped, bashed’ numerous people: reports. by Kathy.

When is the government of the day going to sort this disgraceful behaviour out, when people can no longer feel safe in their own town, let along their own homes in Alice Springs?
We are all called racists, especially in Alice Springs where if you are white and speak your mind about this behaviour, you are frowned upon.
I remember not so long ago, that this behaviour was not tolerated and the law was brought down on it very quickly.
No, we cannot touch these darlings that taunt the people, shop keepers, and the general public, and are then allowed to continue their bad behaviour.
Bad behaviour results in bad outcomes for the culprits. Taken out of the town area and made responsible for their behaviour.
Maybe public work, fixing what they broken and paid back the damage and loss from their activities to victims.

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Council: Gallery at Anzac precinct, no to curfew
It’s amazing how the council that is meant to be representing the residents of Alice Springs is not listening to them.
How many times do the residents and the traditional owners say the same thing: Not on the Anzac Oval as this is a scared site to ALL Alice Springs residents.
And does there need to be real violence before the government steps up and says, enough is enough with this brazen behaviour in this town?
I was in K-Mart yesterday and some young girls were helping themselves to ladies’ clothes and putting them down their pants.
On informing the sales persons at the check out, I was told that they can do nothing, (message from above) no not God.
The staff are not allowed to touch or confront these [kids].
What is the use of the wages for the so called security staff standing at the front door, if they can do nothing about this behaviour?

Summer tree-watering plans? Hmmm, take that on notice
I was wondering if there is a phone number we the rates payers can ring to get some of the street trees looked at.
Many are dead and just hanging.
A good rain and the roots would pull out with the weight of the tree.
Someone is going to get hurt when some of there tree limbs fall.
A special good look would be useful in the Eastside on Banksia and Oleander Streets.

Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more
This is a great reason that Tourism NT and Tourism Central Australia should be getting on the bandwagon and re-invent Alice Springs as a prime destination and a place to visit and stay, to see our terrific attractions here.

Alice students fire up for climate action
I thought politics was not to be taught in primary schools.
It is a terrific subject for students to be taught in school as well as at home, but not to go out on school and walk the streets.
These are the future generation, but let them learn how to help not just blame some one else for all the troubles for the world.
Learn a few facts before rushing out and protesting, you may learn more about the subjects in the school class room.

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
The Desert Park is the place with all the room and facilities available already.
Demolishing a functioning building in town so you can be on the main street of town is typical public servant thinking. No thought of the money involved or the tax payers’ imputes.
The government should be watching Rob Stitch in “Utopia” – an ABC program. This would be a classic episode for them.

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