Fire, climate change: Where are our leaders?



Sir – Our government is just not at home, even when returning from overseas, as rising disaster builds in the bush.


Funding is urgently required to provide adequate aerial support for fire fighting crews on the ground; funding diverted, most probably, from the large Defence budget.


Beyond this much needed support for all states and territories, there is the urgent need for adequate action on mitigation of the dangers of human induced global warming.


Australia provided a poor image at the recent COP meeting in Madrid; we were bottom of the heap when it came to addressing climate change, and very close to becoming a laughing stock.


Most of our industries are aware of, and are addressing, our need for putting in place green technology, it is our lagging government, at all levels, which is an increasing embarrassment.


This has to change dramatically well before the next, and key, COP meeting in 2020.


Increasing disaster is becoming ever more obvious.  Do our political leaders have the required social nous to act sensibly?  Aye, that’s the rub; and our disquiet.


Dennis Nicholls
Scullin ACT 2605




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  1. Watchn
    Posted December 22, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    C02 doesnt make it hot. The sun does. The hazards havent increased, the population has.

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