Are the royalties go to the correct people? …

Comment on When 20% royalties shrivel to as little as 1% by Jack1.

Are the royalties go to the correct people?

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Crims terrorise Gillen, three cops attacked
This is no longer a race issue, this is behavioural issue and with this comes consequences.
Everyone needs to stand together and pull up the behaviour ASAP.

Sex work would devalue people’s homes
Better than living near renal houses.

Police want to speak with this man
What about the peeping Tom Melrose Court?

Big drops in grog crime, break-ins on way down: police
I think there is enough people in this town to put a class action lawsuit against everyone that state “safer community” from the top down.
With the proceeds from this it can pay everyone that had a burglary and damages. Circle sentencing is a must here in Alice Springs.

National gallery: Waiting for the council, says Wakefield
The wheels on the spin doctors go round and round.

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