No Medevac when climate disaster starts



Sir – As a man interested in politics, a member of the Democratic Party, as a MD and former NATO Ranger Medic I know quite well the ignorance of truth and the greed for might and self optimising strategies of politicians.


I do not understand why in Australia there are obviously only few ideas to use the outback for the installation of devices for wind- and sun-power to gain electric power on millions of acres of land of low value for farming or other valuable use.


The lobby of the coal-industry is not ashamed to threaten the global survival of nature and now the people have to vote for another government with people who gained a loyalty to this planet and not for their own purse only. The problems of the 21st century can’t be solved with technology of 1900.


The sleepyheads (politician and citizen) usually wake up, if they look forward down a horrifying abyss and feeling at the same time the hot pain of the burning gown at their back.


People learn only by pain or loss and horror. I guess there is a need of simultaneous huge wildfires in West- AND East-Australia to change people’s mind.


There are more jobs to win in regenerative energy on the way to uprising global industry 4.0, while coal mining is the world of the past.


Human race is still too arrogant to see, that they are not the winners, while nature already fights them back in a kind of total war.


Fire that’s eating up everything is more horrible than bombs and shells. Just another kind of a World War III as a gift from mother nature.


Evolution does not know mercy. If a global climate disaster starts, there wont’t be any Medevac.


Nobody can leave this planet and everybody has to think about this (try to eat money to survive?).


In the 1980s there was a saying in Europe:


When the last bird has fallen down

When the last fish is drowned by polluted water

When the last tree is poisoned and dead

Time has come, when people find out that they can´t eat money or gold

They just die and nobody cares.


I am seriously concerned about the possible annihilation of mankind by human stubbornness.


Three times in past there was almost a total eradication of life on earth. The andropocän = human dominated eon shouldn’t create the fourth Armageddon of the planet.


I once gave my commitment and oath: Be prepared, for the worst and chaos.


To rescue life out of any danger – no matter the risk, so that others may live – and no one left behind.


No greed for orders – a little smile is enough – while saving a life is the highest award by life itself.


This includes saving my planet. May someone think about this and take it for an example.


Dr Harald Schaetzle

Walldorf / Heidelberg, Germany




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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. John Bell
    Posted January 14, 2020 at 7:08 am

    The fact is that per capita head of population and national economy, Australia is taking up renewables at a rate 4 to 5 times faster than China, India, the EU, Japan or the US. Fact. And in our country that has banned nuclear power development.

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  2. Ray
    Posted January 12, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    I wonder if the good doctor actually knows the power that is already generated by the solar installations in Alice Springs, both on private homes and in various solar installations at the Uterne facility and others just off the highways.
    I wonder if he has heard of the Yarra Climate Action group or travelled through the SA coastline to see all the horrible looking wind farms that (spoil) dot the landscape.
    It is very easy to join the mass hysteria of saying the government doing nothing without understanding what the government is actually doing, what the private sector is doing, and what the private sector is doing with the assistance of the government.
    Can we do more? Quite possibly. However, the bucket of money is only so big, where does he suppose the funding comes from? Education, health, policing, national security, social services?
    As a NATO Medic and MD, he is obviously intelligent. However, what is his expertise in Australian politics, alternative energy or climate sciences?
    His current qualifications make him about as qualified as Beyoncé (pictured below) to lecture us on this topic.



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