We all know plans are developed, written up and promoted. …

Comment on Newmont gold mine: Aboriginal jobs, still trying by Jeff.

We all know plans are developed, written up and promoted. Question is, who is monitoring the Yapa plan?
Is there compliance with it and if not, who is responsible for ensuring it is meaningful?
Plans and agreements are good processes for the Yapa, but please, what about compliance?
I think there would be many agreements struck without any compliance. Hhhmmm.

Recent Comments by Jeff

Native title organisation has $3.7m in the bank
Well I think it’s great news Lhere Artepe has funds in the bank. Let’s remember, they are not responsible for government services in health, housing education and crime. They receive no funding for such services so to blame them for such is a cheap shot.
Well done Lhere Artepe on a sound financial position.
Maybe the questions being put to Lhere Artepe by the News should be put to other NGOs who actually receive funding to address such issues.

CAAMA must show why it shouldn’t be under administration
Liberal, you are assuming bad governance and bad behaviour on the back of a damning article, the usual practice for some.
Seek some facts and you will see further than your liberal nose.
I don’t hear Liberal bagging the Commonwealth Government for their rorting, bad behaviour and bad governance, or the banks, which has been proven!
CAAMA is not under administration as I understand so the jury is still out on any irregularities that may have occurred.
I like most, wait until I am informed with facts before I comment, or try to cover up as you’ve accused me of.
Sorry to say Liberal, but your username says it all.

CAAMA must show why it shouldn’t be under administration
Wow, some people are very negative and personal in this town toward successful Aboriginal self controlled organisations.
Truth is, you all probably know nothing about what CAAMA does or has achieved in the past.
Throwing stones from the outside is very easy and small minded.
Almost coward like as you hide your racist and personal comments behind words.
Small minded people tend to write such.
No vision, contribution of positiveness or support, just racist and personal criticism.
We have a long way to go in this very racist town with its covert racist people who at the same time probably benefit from the economy such people bring into this town.
CAAMA contributes to this economy and community!

CAAMA must show why it shouldn’t be under administration
CAAMA is an icon of Central Australia and Australia in media terms.
It’s a pity that CAAMA can’t find any new talent to record labels with and promote through its studio and label.
I feel CAAMA needs to rethink its vision and operations to include digital imaging and become the preferred RTO for Indigenous media and digital imaging training in Australia given its music, productions, recording studio and relationship with Imparja television.
Why can’t CAAMA, Imparja and IAD sit down to re-think the RTO space in Indigenous digital imaging and enter that space primarily?
They could literally digitise many tribal group language story lines in animation for use in schools and educational programs on Aboriginal history and culture. Just a thought.

CLP would return ‘Juvie’ to Corrections. Curfew maybe.
A welcome comment by the Leader of the Opposition.
ALP, ball is now in your court as I believe the election in Alice will be won and lost on crime.
At least we have a real starting position to debate over Mr Gunner, what will the ALP do?
Leave the matter in the portfolio of Families which has failed, big time?

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