We all know plans are developed, written up and promoted. …

Comment on Newmont gold mine: Aboriginal jobs, still trying by Jeff.

We all know plans are developed, written up and promoted. Question is, who is monitoring the Yapa plan?
Is there compliance with it and if not, who is responsible for ensuring it is meaningful?
Plans and agreements are good processes for the Yapa, but please, what about compliance?
I think there would be many agreements struck without any compliance. Hhhmmm.

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When 20% royalties shrivel to as little as 1%
When mining companies can calculate their own figures from production and deduct costs such as tax, marketing, freight etc from the overall amount due, there is a lot the NT is missing out on.
I have raised this with the NTG but they are none the wiser.
Some fancy accounting by the mining companies have the NT Government stuffed and subsequently missing out on millions due.
A challenge to the figures draws out a long and lengthy process of investigating to which the mining company has all the facts, figures and tables and usually ends up drawing it out over time and winning.

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