Believe what you see, NOT SPIN. The NT economy is …

Comment on 2020 poll: Can Territory Alliance be a political force? by Psuedo Guru.

Believe what you see, NOT SPIN. The NT economy is being destroyed by idiots.

Recent Comments by Psuedo Guru

Gunner demands council deal with Mayor’s ‘conflict of interest’
NT is bankrupt. Doesn’t matter who wins.

Trashing and rebuilding: “Investing” by NT Government
Fools wasting taxpayers’ money.

Real young people, not the faceless offender
Kids need discipline and examples to follow.

Why not us?
What if Alice has a 100 year flood? Mitigation, too late.

10,000 international student target ‘unrealistic’
Students need casual work to pay bills. Reduce tax and they will come.

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