A loose alliance of independents would have to seriously consider …

Comment on 2020 poll: Can Territory Alliance be a political force? by James.

A loose alliance of independents would have to seriously consider policies associated with objective costings if it hoped to win enough seats to govern in the 2020 Northern Territory election.
The serious issue of proactive economic development for the NT has to be a priority.
Specific, carefully thought out plans have to be offered to the electorate, which at present is very disillusioned.
General promises and allied criticism of other parties doesn’t offer anything of substance.
Part of that is a positive future for Aboriginal youth in the NT spelt out in detailed terms.
Loss of traditional culture makes it difficult for Aboriginal people to develop and identify with society in general.
Stories, myths, legends and spirituality are central to every culture and when they are lost then this impacts negatively.
When a society loses its culture then it will implode.
All politicians and would-be politicians in the coming NT election should study carefully Mark Smith’s dutifully considered article.

Recent Comments by James

Listen to the people, say Marli Banks and Brian Jeffries
Father Jeffries makes some salient points in relation to Indigenous education and how governments need to respond. Grief and loss of culture, which often means loss of language are big issues for Indigenous Australians.
Father Jeffries is correct when he talks about a need for fostering ‘self-esteem.’ Many young Indigenous Australians still do not succeed in our education system and I am sure Father Jeffries is right when he says that governments need to encourage people who have a long term commitment to work with Indigenous children.
Anyone who examines the past in relation to Indigenous education will find that those who have been successful in providing opportunities for Indigenous children have usually worked with them and their families over a very long period of time.
Such people who come to mind are Pastor Carl Strehlow, Pastor F Albrecht, Sister Eileen Heath, Bishop Francis Gsell, Father Percy Smith, Father Ernest Gribble, Doctor Charles Duguid, Rev A J Dyer plus quite a number of others.
Father Jeffries is also correct when he indicates that a general lack of understanding within the general Australian community regarding how best to assist Indigenous educational development makes the task even more difficult.

Could this be the end of the CLP Opposition?
The Johnston by-election is a disastrous result for the CLP.
It isn’t much better for Territory Labor.
The next NT government is likely to be a minority Labor government supported by a variety of unreliable independents all with superficial policies.

10,000 international student target ‘unrealistic’
Dr Kelly seems to have made some very relevant comments in relation to the future of Charles Darwin University.
How realistically attractive is CDU to overseas students?
The Northern Territory economy is going to rely on far more than student numbers at CDU to become viable and developmental.
The Chief Minister has to stop grasping at straws and exaggerating outcomes to assure voters that the disastrous economy is going to move into the black.
It will take the Federal government to bring back balance to the Northern Territory economy.
Thanks Mark Smith for yet another lucid article.

Higgins to step down as Opposition Leader
What a rollicking circus Northern Territory politics is!
How can any of these politicians reasonably ask anyone to vote for them?
No-one offers any plausible answers to solve the serious social and health issues facing the Northern Territory let alone the grinding debt!

Unfinished business
It seems the CLP at this juncture doesn’t have any clearly thought through policies for this year’s election.
People need assurances that public issues need to be addressed and properly funded. The financial situation of the Northern Territory is an economic disaster with no-one proffering any viable solution.
Economic viability can only come from Canberra and given that the NT has only two Federal seats then the interest and commitment from Prime Minister Morrison will be low priority.
A truly clever leader needs to devise a series of plans that will publicly embarrass Canberra in a way that forces them to properly finance the needs of the Northern Territory.
Morrison is a kneejerk Prime Minister who will act quickly if caught out as happened to him with the bushfire situation.
This is a political game which Northern Territory politicians would do well to consider. This is comment on comment.

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