If Terry Mills is serious about crime etc and keeps …

Comment on 2020 poll: Can Territory Alliance be a political force? by Surprised!.

If Terry Mills is serious about crime etc and keeps his promise, he should do pretty well.
Everyone, apart from the perpetrators are sick of the worsening crime here, but more sick that the government and do gooders refuse to implement anything that does the crime.
Instead, our safety is compromised every day and our hard earned property is subject to ever increasing insurance excess and increased premiums.
All we get is political spin and one of interest is the Northern Territory government’s Biz Secure www.bizsecure.nt.gov.au
Apparently you can get up to $20,000 of your and taxpayer’s money to “make a range of permanent security improvements to better protect your business against the risk of break-ins using Territory enterprises to do the work”.
We already pay for protection of our property and being, in our taxes but now you have to apply for specific protection which you already paid for.
In all areas of business it is illegal to have to pay for a service that you haven’t been provided. The banks copped it for the same thing, but governments are exempt.
And we vote for these people!

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It was once the parents’ responsibility and when that was stopped it became the school’s responsibility, then the employer’s. It’s time the parents were allowed and made to take on the responsibility.

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@ Meg: Are you really asking that question, Meg?

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@ Ian Sharp: I can appreciate the explanation. The saying monkey see monkey do has been used for eons. It has been allowed to become sensitive. People are way too sensitive these days. If it was intended as a racial slur, then it’s inappropriate but if it was meant to demonstrate that children do what they see, then so be it.

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@ Chris Le Page: I agree with your comments. The logistics of mustering and transportation is a real issue. You would need to set up trap yards and have feed and water available and possibly cool rooms.
You could then slaughter and dress or transport them live.
None of this is insurmountable, it’s more a question of people’s drive and ambition. This would also include the work in having a pre arranged market for the meat.
I believe there is already a market so the success of this business only boils down to the question, is there commitment? So is there?

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@ Ian Sharp: Ian, I re-read the comment and I still don’t get it. Perhaps you could explain.

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