Then, to add insult to injury, the minister and her …

Comment on ‘Sneaky’ Christmas present from Environment Minister by Justin Tutty.

Then, to add insult to injury, the minister and her chief staged gestures towards southern bushfire victims.
Make no mistake: Fracking fans the flames. To maintain a safer climate, we need to keep untapped fossil fuels safely locked in the ground.
One recommendation from the Pepper inquiry into fracking was that the large carbon burden of fracking should be offset.
This NT labor government’s feint was to write a letter asking Prime Minister Scott Morrison for help with that. Smoco wrote back saying it would all be wrapped up in the Paris target.
But this season’s fires have blown a hole in the carbon budget, and analysts warn that even if we were going to meet that target before, there’s no way now, with business as usual.
The fires themselves represent a feedback loop: burning bush emits carbon, that increases the likelihood and severity of fire, that in turn releases more carbon. The best way we can help our fellow Australians who are living with this destructive summer fire season is to keep that gas where it is.

Recent Comments by Justin Tutty

The Base turns 50, will survive Trump
The role of Pine Gap has continued to evolve since Mr Rosenberg left. Pine Gap’s role in offensive war fighting is neither rumour nor conspiracy theory.
Rosenberg’s claim that “intelligence contributed by Pine Gap in any military operation would minimise harm with the goal to eliminate the unnecessary deaths of non-combatants” demands evidence.

Incoming Pine Gap personnel to self-isolate like everyone else
They should be denied entry like everyone else:
PM just announced “All foreigner travellers will be banned from entering Australia from 9:00pm AEDT tomorrow.”

War on Iran must be prevented
Thanks to the Alice Springs peace group for showing leadership towards peace. This century’s wars continue to be counter-productive, non-strategic errors by any measures, other than the egos of leaders and the profits of arms traders.

And there is a real risk that the American president might offer up another war for his re-election campaign. And an even greater risk that an Aussie leader – if only out of habit– would go along with a big foolish conflict that has nothing to do with Australia and can only make us less safe .

Our real enemies are not in the Middle East. Our real enemies are things like the bushfire crisis; inequality; disease.

And our national defence won’t come from dominating nations on the other side of the world; a better basis for defence can come from investing in effective and useful relationships with our regional neighbours.

Peace talks now.

Youth crime: compassion alone is no solution
OK, so compassion is, in itself, not a solution. But neither is detailing offences and blaming parents.
Here’s the thing: The Guardian article didn’t claim to present solutions. Yours does, but instead indulges blunt justification of the status quo.
If you, or the Minister, were genuinely interested in solving, rather than excusing, youth injustice, the first port of call would be the Royal Commission into detention and protection of children in the Northern Territory.

US marines in Darwin could drag Australia into war
Hi James, not sure what you mean, but the alliance doesn’t require us to join the USA’s attack formation and support their various foreign invasions.
The alliance treaty says the signatories will “consult together” and “act to meet the common danger”.
That falls short of defending one another, and certainly goes nowhere towards supporting one another’s wars of adventure.
Australia can – and should – resist participation in any non-strategic foreign invasions mounted by the USA (such as the illegal invasion of Iraq) without jeopardising the broader alliance.
However, the presence of foreign war bases makes that impossible, in the likely eventuality that USA war machines are deploying from their bases on Aussie soil to a conflict we want no part of. In that scenario, we would be unavoidably implicated in whatever conflict they are deploying to, or seeking sanctuary from, via Aussie bases.

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