Redtails clubrooms? There are two great big vacant lots behind the …

Comment on Curfew: sixth time lucky for Cr Melky? by Simon Pettit.

Redtails clubrooms?
There are two great big vacant lots behind the casino which could be developed into a dedicated footy / Red Tails oval and clubrooms space.
Currently owned by the NT Government, and have been vacant for the past 30+ years.
Rob, I suggest you follow this up, as it’s a perfect location for such a venture.
Close to hospitality and tourism venues, and easy to access.
And right at the base of and under the MacDonnell Ranges where the “Wedgtail” Eagles soar.
Currently Zoned TC (Tourist Commercial) but adjacent to a huge tract of land zoned OR (Organised Recreation) i.e. the golf course.
Obviously funding will be needed, but we seem to find money for such ventures when the many, many positives of developing such a long-term community orientated and beneficial space are recognised.

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Mayor’s ‘conflict’: council to ask for independent legal opinion
When you get caught playing for 2 different teams in the same comp at the same time questions will always be raised.
Whether real, perceived, invented or otherwise.
Would one not be questioned if he/she played A Grade for the Blazers, but B Grade for the Vests in the same tiddlywinks competition?
Public perception, and the perception that what’s being done is fair, reasonable and in the general public interest, is always the key determinator in my book. Ask Bridgett McKenzie!
It’s fairly obvious Mayor Ryan would like to be the Member for Araluen. As is his right, and others should they choose.
However, if this is the case, why not pass on the Mayoral baton to someone who actually wants to be the Mayor of Alice Springs?
What’s to lose?
The question of a conflict of interest, which seems to taking up a lot of council time and business, will disappear, and council can go about doing its business in clear air.
I must admit, when taking the reins of Mayor, there’s a lot to be said about requiring such a candidate to commit and dedicate themselves to the full Mayoral term (future heath and/or family matters dependent).
Whatever political persuasion they may be, as history tells us, this current situation is not unprecedented.
Although in the past it is fair to say the perceived “conflict of interest” situation was never such an issue as it appears to be now.
Why was/is that?
Perhaps Councillor Melky or other hopeful NT political councillors/aspirants could enlighten us?

Gunner demands council deal with Mayor’s ‘conflict of interest’
I feel the referencing of the Local Govt Act by ASTC in terms of it’s purely “legal” requirements, as I understnd has been the case based on the advice revceived from ASTC’s solicitor, Mr Chris Turner, is a bit of a furphy and perhaps misguided in the context of the situation.
In a very similar current Australian Government context, this purely “legal” standpoint is currently being used by the Coalition A/Govt, Bridget McKenzie and supporters to defend her “sports rots” situation. She has done nothing wrong … “legally”, they/she says.
That may be the case.
But what about morally and ethically?
Does it pass the Pub Test?
Some expert professors I have recently heard on radio commenting on the situation have stated quite clearly that whilst it may be “legal” it could still be seen as “corrupt” conduct.
So even “corrupt” conduct could actually be legal?
I’m still trying to get my head around that one!
I note ASTC have recently expressed a similar purely “legal” defence when a complaint was lodged that they had not consulted with the community on a particular local issue / development.
ASTC’s response on that occasion was similarly that they had no “legal” requirement to consult with the community under the requirements of the Local Government Act.
Even though the ASTC Code of Conduct for Members (Policy #105) clearly states “members have a duty to uphold the law and to act on all ocasions in accordance with the law, the policies of council and the trust placed in them by the public …”
In accordance with the “policies of council”. Trust?
One such Council Policy (Consultation Policy #106) requires ASTC (and as an extension, its members) to consult with the community, in fairly specific terms.
So whilst the Local Government t Act doesn’t “legally” require council to consult with the community, as council pointed out on that occasion, its own ASTC policies #105 and #106 actually do.
But, apparently, the Local Government Act trumps ASTC’s own policies.
Which, when push comes to shove, pretty much renders the vast majority of ASTC’s own policies as non-enforceable, pointless and not worth the paper they are written on.
They are more “guides” to be adopted or discarded by Council, entirely at its own discretion and volition.
Does this pass the “Pub Test”?
Likewise, does / should purely “legal reliance” on the Local Government Act?
Are there no ethical or moral considerations to be met?
It appears not.
Finally, I understand Chris Turner has now been ASTC’s resident solicitor for about 20+ continuous years.
Perhaps, given this very long period of tenure, a 2nd legal opinion would not be out of order in line with the motion put forward by councillors at last night’s Ordinary Meeting (note: this in no way undermines or questions Mr Turner’s long and well respected standing in the Alice Springs community or as a lawyer or his ability to perform his duties in a fair, unbiased and equitable manner).

Gallery: Anzac Oval still the sticking point
Council have approved the siting of the gallery at the ANZAC Oval Precinct?
Did they ask the ratepayers whom they represent and who pay their wages?
Where was the community consultation behind this decision making process?
Or don’t they think they need to consult with those they represent?
I can’t remember this being discussed or being a candidate election platform / consideration at all prior to the previous past council election!

Town Council considers $50m art gallery options
Is it just me?
Or is the conceptual site plan (refer above) prepared by Studio Kinship proposing to relocate Todd Street over to Leichhardt Terrace?!
So where’s Todd Mall itself?
Those Todd Mall traders, who apparently are the ones to gain most from the Anzac Oval Gallery location, should now be getting anxious.
Or is it Studio Kinship are just not that familiar with Alice Springs street layout … given their Perth location.

Power problems: Reporting inadequate, warnings disregarded
Come on Monica, these well considered and recommended upgrades would have all cost lots of money to implement.
How was the Gunner Government going to pay for such, and employ all those additional “political advisors / consultants” at the same time?
A choice had to be made.

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