Here is an idea: If you don’t want to be …

Comment on Cashless Debit Card will harm: NTCOSS by Chris.

Here is an idea: If you don’t want to be part of the “scheme” as some people call it, then get a job and pay your own way.
And don’t try and use the old, there is no work excuse because that is crap.
And for those who think it doesn’t work, I witness its success nearly on a daily basis for the benefit of children.

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COVID spitters are grubs, idiots, and lowlife: Gunner
So if you spit on someone, you are a grub that deserves to be punished. What happened to the grub in Don Dale that was assaulting and spitting on people?
That’s right, the poor grub was given an apology and then you shut the facility down, and what has happened?
A massive increase in crime of which you deny is happening.
I just hope not everyone has a short memory come election time.

COVID: Trouble in the bush
Couldn’t agree more with regards to pushing the communities together.
Not only would this save millions of dollars, it would also improve there own welfare as well as the welfare of the ones that are helping in the community.
Resources wouldn’t be as stretched.
I know some people say there would be an issue with warring families.
But it is time for them to be dragged in to the 21st century and to realise that its no longer white man’s fault and they can be in control of their own situation.
With regards to overcrowding, I would have thought the answer was simple.
If you can’t provide for your family, then don’t have one.
It is not up to the rest of the population to provide for those that choose not to work.
People aren’t even trying with housing, let’s face it, I have seen the ingenuity that some of these community people have with getting their vehicles running or making bongs, so why can’t they use it to make some housing?

COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
This whole border thing is a joke. We at Kulgera Roadhouse have seen so many people from interstate come through, with most on their way to Darwin, potentially spreading the disease as they go.
I even asked a couple in a backpacker van where they were going to quarantine.
They told us they hadn’t decided yet, probably a national park and that they were self contained in their van anyway.
I asked where their toilet and shower were as clearly they did not have one.
Their response: “I guess we aren’t self contained.” But were quite happy to continue their travels regardless.
It seems to me we are ruining the economy only to have the selfish carry on anyway no doubt very happy with the extra money the government is handing out.

COVID-19 ‘ignorance’ as large crowd attacks police
There is an old saying. Problems are just opportunities for solutions. Maybe we are looking at this virus all wrong? Did someone mention natural selection?

Thief snatches fortnight’s money from age pensioner
Jack: “Lilly livered responses like yours are one of the reasons there is so much crime in our town”.
Really? You may want to reread and have a bit of a think about what you just wrote.
I didn’t say I thought it was right, I clearly stated I would love to see crims punished and the rights of innocents upheld.
I think our law system is way too soft on crime.
As an employer myself, I have a fairly good understanding of the legal side and ramifications if an employee gets hurt.
Trust me, even when you do have procedures, and an employee breaks them, it still isn’t enough to get you off the hook.
I don’t agree that it should be this way, but they are not my rules, if they were, it would be very different world we live in.
These crims are getting more brazen and I have personally had one threaten me with a pair of scissors, so to assume they are unarmed would be at your own peril.
I can and do stand up against crime and have gotten physical on numerous occasions. For what it is worth, just last night I caught and detained two people, one adult and one youth who had broken in to a pub and stolen alcohol.
When I rang the police and told them, I was told that they were not going to send out a patrol. We had to wait until someone was knocked out and another person attacked with a shifter before Darwin comms thought it was worth sending a patrol out for.
My point is yes, I believe the security guard should have stopped it, and I would have, but if he is at risk of losing his job and may not be financially well off, as well as all of the extra risks of injury as well as ramifications from the justice system, then you can’t really blame him for not stepping in.
Remember the “consequences will flow” speech?

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