This is an outrageous act being locked up. I have meet …

Comment on Old Timers Village resident locked in by Jenny Broomhall.

This is an outrageous act being locked up.
I have meet Alan in his favourite place where he likes to have a pot of tea. What a lovely man.
His amazing stories are great he enjoys going there.
We miss seeing his smiling face and “good morning how are you”.
I have read some comments. Do you know this man? If you don’t you don’t know the situation.
He should not be locked up. He was getting fantastic care in his own home.
I just can’t believe that this has happened.
Some people don’t care about their family.
They don’t live in town. I could say a lot more but that’s for someone to help Alan and stop what is happening to him.
Thanks for listening.
A friend.

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