“Friends of Alan” believe he definitely has the capacity to …

Comment on Old Timers Village resident locked in by Mary.

“Friends of Alan” believe he definitely has the capacity to make choices about his home, his living, his OWN guardian, his personal treasured effects etc.
We are begging he be re assessed to live at home with community care staff visits.
The saddest news today is that someone has hired a skip bin (daughter? real estate?) and it is now in front of his home. We presume to “dispose” of his personal belongings?
Today Alan asked and has been recorded asking to have his Power of Attorney revoked but he needs to be “allowed” out or visitors in order to do so.
How can his rights be taken like this when he is a genuinely intelligent and lucid man?
Staff at Flynn Lodge say: “This is not right what his daughter is doing to Alan.”

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