Getting bogged trying to fix phones



Ampilatwatja (pictured) and surrounding communities north of Alice Springs are without phone service and every time technicians try to fix it they get bogged on the recently flooded Sandover Highway.


“Access is proving difficult and we have yet to be able to reach the site,” says Nic Danks, Regional General Manager for Telstra in the NT.


“We understand the issue is most likely power related. [There are] poor road conditions as a result of flooding. We are continuing to monitor each day and will attempt again tomorrow.”


Mr Danks says NBN Sky Muster satellite service has been fully operational during this time.


“If residents have a phone bought in the last few years from a major manufacturer and have a wifi signal they should be able to access mobile coverage within range of that signal, using a free setting on their phone called wifi calling.”


UPDATE Thursday 1.30pm


A traveller texted that the network has been down for six days.


“The locals can’t use their cards to buy food so the shop is providing breakfast for all the locals in Arlparra and the shop is losing money every day as they close after breakfast.


“It is a sad affair when these multi-million dollar companies are allowing people to go without the basic needs.


“There are small children, babies and elderly people living in those remote areas.”




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