Hear, hear to Ralph Folds. I used to be a …

Comment on Yirara College: Just seven laptops for up to 30 students by Shaza.

Hear, hear to Ralph Folds. I used to be a teacher at Yirara College in what I call the good old days when it was a pleasure to be part of what the College was trying to achieve.
These days, it would seem, the institution’s desire to bridge the gap for Indigenous students has completely lost its way.
As Ralph declares laptops are indeed scarce. In addition, solid, caring and effective teachers are not retained for some mysterious reason.
Enrolments, enrolments, enrolments is what it seems to be all about these days at Yirara, regardless of the fact that students here need and deserve one-on-one support and tuition.
Yirara students are as ill-educated and as ill-qualified when they leave the college as when they had first arrived!
A massive overhaul in management needs to occur in my view – better sooner than later!

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