@Michael Liddle Great [comment] Michael and the Truth. Businesses in Alice Springs …

Comment on Anger with out-of-control kids: council needs to step up by The Gongoozler.

@Michael Liddle

Great [comment] Michael and the Truth.

Businesses in Alice Springs are red hot angry about this issue, why would they not be? It is threatening their livelihoods and lowering services for everyone as they leave for a more civilised lifestyle.
Historically, these issues concerning Aboriginal youths have peaks and troughs. Right now the Territory is in recession which is exacerbating this peak in youth crime in Alice Springs.
People feel very much powerless because those who have the levers of power are not politically capable of standing firm and addressing the issue. Labor is left and traditionally soft on crime, in particular Aboriginal crime, which has been a disaster for all Aboriginal people in our community.
Labor does have some good policies, but facing the reality of life and applying those principles of discipline in this context is not one of them.
We need strong leadership that is willing to put their name to ending this perpetual dysfunction. Are there any Labor Leaders in our community that will stand up and be counted? Please do not give us “there is a good program happening”, sorry Michael, but this only angers people who live in Alice Springs.
If we have another ‘program’ for youths then I will howl at the moon.
I will not hold my breath waiting for Labor to do anything and that is a sad state of affairs for our Community. I wonder what Labor Prime Minister Ben Chifley would have done? Probably the greatest Prime Minster with Sir Edmund Barton beside him.
I know what he would have done, what his generation of Labor leaders did, [they] were down to earth, used their common sense and made significant change regardless of some remonstration.
We really are feeling as a community in 2020 as we are in a political leadership vacuum.
There is some good on the horizon, we have a Northern Territory born and bred Police Commissioner; Mr Chalker a very capable Police Officer and an achiever. So we are blessed with the Police leadership in the NT .
This is shown by Commissioner Chalker by his Alice Springs visit that he knows his business, he will need all of our support as well as all NT Police Officers.
The reality is this, the NT and or Federal Government cannot resolve this issue of Aboriginal dysfunction that wrecks communities, in particular businesses, at this time.
Government cannot resolve the Aboriginal issue alone.
Government can only hold the line as is the case and they have spent literally hundreds of billions of dollars of your hard earned taxes on a tiny part of the Australian population.
We have some hard questions to ask the Aboriginal community that we have not asked before.
Can you the Aboriginal people end this perpetual dysfunction that afflicts us as a community?
Aboriginal people who do the right thing, work, look after their kids and contribute to the community and economy are burdened most on this issue but have most to gain. It is you who must lead on this and we the broader Australian community must support you and not block the hard decisions this will require.
Such as ending the approach of throwing money at the problem and not demanding accountability. This approach has many bitter pills to be taken, metaphorically speaking. Resolution must come from Aboriginal Australians and [be] reinforced by all Australians. Not supported with many looping programs that end in more dysfunction.
Our aim is to end Aboriginal dysfunction and that means taking a different attitude to what we have done in the past as a community.
By doing so you are doing your bit to end a people who are being used by too many, including [other] Aboriginal people, that profit from human misery.
A tough row to hoe, yes but we should be inspired by our Diggers who did the impossible and made Australia the greatest country in the world.

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Lambley seeks brake on government spending
@ Martin Hall: If this was my credit card I would chop it up. I feel for the youth of the Territory.
Not even a left wing Federal Labor government will be able to cover this, and billions more to be borrowed in the forward estimates.
Just irresponsible, even the Labor Caine government Bank of Victoria bankruptcy makes this look innocuous.
Someone will pay, maybe QLD, WA and SA as we are liquidated into those states and no more Territory? I hope not.
The Northern Territory Treasury Corporation (NTTC) borrows funds from the domestic and international financial markets by offering a range of financial products. The funds raised by NTTC assist to finance the Territory’s infrastructure requirements such as housing, transport, health and education services.
As at 30 June 2019, NTTC’s total outstanding debt was about $5.66 billion of domestic debt. Total borrowing in 2018-19 was $1.26 billion, which included $21m of pre-funding for 2019-20.

Dujuan’s moving story and its missing pieces
What is the point of this film? Is it another feel sorry story for me because I am Aboriginal?
Are we really serious that blaming the education system is valid in the Aboriginal context?
At the end of the day we must face reality or the Aboriginal people will become a vague people who have no chance of success in the digital age of globalisation.
I say this because while all other people around the world – Chinese, Americans, Australians, Europeans and Africans – are forging forward with education to be relevant in the future economy and therefore creating a future for themselves and their kids.
Yet in Aboriginal Australia we have bent over backwards in providing tax payer funded first class schools in remote and regional Australia, with it simply a waste of precious resources by Aboriginal people living there.
The appalling response from Aboriginal people is they that are recalcitrant and simply do not ensure their kids attend school and obtain the chance to rise from abject poverty.
That the digital age and globalisation is being able to text in some form to each other via a mobile phone?
To end this farce and give these kids a real chance in a real world some hard questions must be asked of Aboriginal people and how they neglect their kids in too many ways such as their education and where are they at night?
Government cannot be blamed for such neglect, that is just creating a smoke screen and being complicit to the whole ugly scene of Aboriginal dysfunction including the abuse of the kids.
Social pressure must be applied especially by functional Aboriginal parents in particular to stop the abuse of Aboriginal kids by their dysfunctional parents, who themselves in too many accounts are illiterate and innumerate.
Are you able to face the truth and put the blame where it will do most good for these kids?
Such as a daily register of all remote community schools of attendance, with no late attendance permitted and published on the internet for all the public to see, creating a real world discussion on this issue of Aboriginal waste of educational resources. Let the debate then do good for Aboriginal kids and their education.
If not then these kids are doomed until a depression or other socio economic change forces us to the reality of life in the digital age.
No education means a low standard of living.

Dujuan’s moving story and its missing pieces
Discipline is required, that does not mean punitive measures dealt by the Judiciary as per the law albeit necessary when required, but that of a functional family unit. Teaching kids their boundaries so that when they enter society they have the social skills to participate harmoniously.
Functional Aboriginal families are the Key.
It is this group of Aboriginal people that we need to lead as role models to influence those Aboriginal families that are not disciplining their kids. If not, the end result is dysfunctional kids and then adults in the revolving legal doors for the rest of their lives and a huge cost to you both fiscally and socially.
It is a very sad indictment on our society as those fudgels who have a vested interest in the status quo or some opposing view to those who built this country espouse argle bargle. The last election established what the Prime Minister coined, ‘the quiet Australians’, those Australians that are too busy building a great Australia to participate in contemporary discourse via a 24/7 media. We are now seeing the demise of fake news and political correctness which is a good thing for all Australians, frank and balanced views should not be discounted by a minority whose actions are not in accordance with Democracy.
We are now seeing Labor sit up and listen federally as they did not at the last Federal election and lost what they felt was fait accompli. Fake news and political correctness wrecked Labor and Mr Shorten, though self-inflicted. It is now only a matter of time before we establish what our forebears taught us from time immemorial, that humanity does not change, we all think, have emotions and act as per our social and academic education. Therefore, we need to instil by family social discipline that enables all in society to live harmoniously.
Do not be in any illusion that government can resolve the issue of Aboriginal societal dysfunction alone, it cannot, otherwise this would have been resolved long ago. It holds the line at best with its main lever primarily the Police and the Judiciary afterwards, which I hope can better understand that it has been left to them to educate Aboriginal children and adults, something that their parents should have done.
I have seen Magistrates struggle in sentencing knowing that a prison sentence can initiate a career of crime and dysfunction by ill education through incarceration. This is not the fault of the Prison system rather it comes back to dysfunctional Aboriginal families and the failed upbringing or lack of discipline in those families. In any case the law is there to protect the majority of law-abiding citizens and Magistrates can only use the tools given to them, as they attempt to balance the scales of justice.
If legislation was passed promulgating greater responsibility to the Parents in these rulings, would this not be an avenue to send a message that parenting is not just bearing kids but a real responsibility as the majority undertakes. That recalcitrant parents be penalised as part of their charge’s crimes? This may well induce better parenting and end the travesty of those who perpetuate their kids who kick in Todd Mall business shop fronts and or smash your cars windows and steal it and worse.
I call on all functional good Aboriginal people to lead by example and we the broader community to stand with you.

Family style approach to help troubled children
@ Micheal Dean: I believe in comical relief in particular self effacing humour, however in this instance there is no comical relief in habitualising insidious practices such as innocent children being raped daily and forced into a lifestyle of begging for sustenance.
Ask yourself, who would find the molestation of children humorous?

Family style approach to help troubled children
The truth of this matter is what Pseudo Guru alluded, that if the government places Aboriginal people as wards of the state Aboriginal activists will protest.
The question one must ask is this: Would you allow your five-year-old child to roam streets at night, to be raped by pedophiles and other attacks by sordid individuals?
A confronting question. Normal human beings would never allow their children to suffer such a negative life changing experience. We need to move on from historical events and deal with humanity as we see it – appropriately.
One should also remember the government’s intention, as was the missions’ at that time, was to save the Aboriginal race from extinction. Tuberculosis, malaria, polio, and leprosy were killing more Aboriginal people that anything at that time.
There were a genuine fear Aboriginal people would die out and become extinct. I refer you to the historical records in particular during the early 1900s when Aborigine protection boards were promulgated.
Today we see that effort to save Aborigines from disease and extinction as people who were taken for no good reason. That was and is not true. Mistakes were made but generally those generations would not be around if the protective actions by the governments and the missions (churches) did not act.
Aboriginal people have been used and are still being used today such as a treaty for which is an excuse of obtaining money.
Why are we talking about an obtuse treaty that represents a tiny part of the Australian population blatantly being used as a stepping stone to obtaining Australian tax payers funds by stealth?
These people are murderous, immoral and in my opinion not unlike regimes that use people experimentally such as Pol Pot.
There are many Aboriginal people starving, dying prematurely, denied by their own an education that will raise them out of this cycle of human degradation and abject poverty.
Concentrating on political issues for self gain such as a treaty and NOT on the real issues of Aborigines such as their high rates of violence, anti social behaviour, 90% unemployment rate, inter generational dependence on Centrelink welfare, 33 billion dollars to subsidise 3% of the Australian population is not moral.
There are Aborigines in our society that work and act in a moral and normal way, hold down a job and contribute to the Australian community.
I charge these Aborigines to stand up with the rest of Australia and demand change from the group of Aborigines who create these issues to perpetuate Aboriginal division from mainstream Australia for political purposes.
These are the real criminals in my opinion, those who use the Aboriginal people for their own agenda and ignore the real issues of Aboriginal people.
At the end of the day we all suffer in micro scenarios such as foetal alcohol syndrome to the Todd Mall business owner perpetually repairing their shop fronts damaged by irresponsible Aboriginal youths.
Therefore, let’s say the game is up. Government can only hold the line and is not going to resolve this issue alone.
Aboriginal children are the hope, get them into school and enforce those Aboriginal parents to care for their children or place with responsible people who can do so.

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