What exactly do you propose the council do? How will …

Comment on Anger with out-of-control kids: council needs to step up by David.

What exactly do you propose the council do? How will they enforce it? Even the police are overstretched now. It is tine to bring in the army.
Unfortunately these kids are destroying our town.
It does not mean all are bad … but a fair number.
Army can do a curfew and is the only alternative. We are no longer the lucky country. Too much violence, robberies, drugs, racial division.
And the manby pamby do gooders.

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Curfew: sixth time lucky for Cr Melky?
Here we go again. How do you propose the police enforce this curfew if they haven’t got the resources.
Already crime is rampant in this town.
Another businesses windows smashed this morning. They can’t do it now, so won’t be able to enforce this curfew.
No one else could do it. As for the Art Gallery, I’m totally against another here. Anyway and if any of the muppets in council or government ever listen … the traditional Aborigines want it SOUTH OF THE GAP.

Curfew: What else could fix youth crime?
Seriously? Curfew won’t work as its needs policing. Already the police are stretched to the limit. As usual all the councillors and politicians will wait till someone is seriously injured or dies before something is done.
Martial law is needed now as well as bringing in the army before Alice is finished forever. People in government and councillors are not doing their jobs!

Town Council considers $50m art gallery options
As stated before we don’t need another art gallery here. Even if at the civic centre or Anzac Oval … where to park?
We have too many art galleries already and they are downsizing.
When is the Alice Springs Town Council going to wake up … and the NT Government.
Elections are coming. Both of the top jobs should go. Out with GUNNER and RYAN.

Kids ‘jumped, bashed’ numerous people: reports.
The situation now is completely out of control. Kids beating up people at night?
Why isn’t the army being bought in and teaching these children a lesson?
All these bloody do gooders want this ‘n that, now you see the consequences of society out of control.
The mayor rather get his picture taken than do anything..g
Gunner is a waste of space.
Bring in the army and maintain order! No wonder this town is dying.

Mass rally shows fury, distrust for police, government
Interesting how you only focused on the rally and not what happened Thursday night when youths damaged businesses and also bashed a man.
We concentrate too much on rallies and other things but don’t work toward being united as one people in one country.
All the hatred now out there is dividing our country and I can see no peace between whites and blacks as there is too much mistrust. How sad for our nation. Divided we are now.

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