The ASTC have been sitting with their thumbs firmly implanted …

Comment on Anger with out-of-control kids: council needs to step up by Whitney.

The ASTC have been sitting with their thumbs firmly implanted in their bums ever since Damien Ryan’s 2nd term as Mayor ! He disrespected and underestimated the traditional owners back in 2017 and to the absolute detriment of the community! The ASTC have only just started to listen to the public on this matter and if not for Eli Melky trying to make them more accountable and actually do something to earn their positions they would probably still be doing sweet nothing! I mean two letters to the Chief Minister, I am embarrassed for them in their lack of effort for the Alice Springs community!
I don’t know who Catherine Satour is talking about when she says the whole community need to be a part of this solution! What a joke, we are all too busy working, raising our children, and paying for damage repairs for our cars, houses, businesses and bodies! How about the people elected to positions of CouncilLors and Politicians actually do the job they were employed to do!

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Another notch putting The Rock ahead of Alice
Melissa, have you been living with your head firmly planted in the sand?
Port Augusta’s late Mayor Joy Baluch was able to drag their town out of the gutter when social issues threatened to take over.
This wasn’t in her job description either, but it didn’t stop her making a lasting difference for her town.
I believe Damien Ryan was even sent to Pt Augusta at our cost to discuss their successful approaches to minimizing antisocial behaviour, on which he has remained stagnant.
In terms of improving tourism for Alice Springs Damien could have had a loud voice for Alice, not once have I heard him talk about the detrimental impact direct flights to Yulara from capital citites have had on the Alice Springs community.
Hey, he even had some leverage with the Anzac oval negotiations with the NT Government.
Why is council suddenly only able to maintain the gardens and not voice real imapcts Government decisions have on the town he is supposed to care for?
Perhaps you are politically short sighted and your feeling of content with Damien’s lack of voice for Alice Springs only normalizes his stagnation as our representative.

Another notch putting The Rock ahead of Alice
I couldn’t agree with you more, Domenico! Damien Ryan needs to stand down.
I have lived in Alice for 25 years and ever since he became Mayor the town has steadily declined.
He should be the squeaky wheel for Alice Springs, ensuring the NT Government do not forget about every other town but Darwin.
Sadly he lacks guts, innovation and any kind of foresight. It’s time he let soemone else drag Alice out of the gutter.

More government handouts for alcohol traders
Could not agree with you more James! All of the additional revenue made by liquor outlets in the NT should go to a victims of crime fund for not just their house but cars, medical bills, property, and counseling services for the victims and their families.
Wouldn’t that be fair, considering NT taxpayers are funding police protection and now security upgrades while the effects of alcoholism ripple through the NT like a cancer.
How about the NT Government PRETEND they actually care about NT residents?

Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing
All the best for your next adventure Kaye and Elanore. The NT and all its animals you have helped will miss you! I totally agree on the buffel, unfortunately it is an endless battle : )

Golf Club gets Masters liquor licence despite missing deadline
And why after so many years would the Apex Club, a community organization that puts money back into the Alice Springs community, be shut out of the event by the Liquor Commission?
It sounds like a micro manager on a power trip has been promoted considering the Golf Club was unaware of the three month period before the event the application had to be in by.
Why do these [people] continue to be put in positions of power in the NT?

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