Wow! Alice is not the only town in Australia having …

Comment on Anger with out-of-control kids: council needs to step up by Helen Satour.

Wow! Alice is not the only town in Australia having issues.
Most people are doing their best to find solutions.

Recent Comments by Helen Satour

Former Alice youth advocate gets Oz Day honour
I watched Bernie Shakeshaft accept his award last night on TV.
He was so humble and his passion for mentoring and helping young people was unbelievable! Congratulations and all the best.

A living connection with the past
Its always interesting to read stories from the past about the old Alice from older generations.
Great story!

65 years of history now a pile of rubble
What a sad end of an era.
Westerdale and Jack, the school may not mean anything to you but to us LOCALS that is our history.

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