There was a time when ivory poaching was at its …

Comment on Anger with out-of-control kids: council needs to step up by Meg.

There was a time when ivory poaching was at its peak that a problem with ‘rogue elephants’developed in the African landscape. Young elephants left orphaned without parental guidance to teach them how to behave like an elephant should. These rogues’ behaviour was so antisocial that some had to be put down as the most humane option. Of course this is not an option within human society but the premise is the same: Absent parents.
We hear that all the dads, uncles and other significant male role models are in jail and that nannas are the people kids go to for food etc. Where are the mums? Are they too hung over or too busy playing cards or getting themselves beaten up in front of kids watching on, to look after their children as a priority before their own personal need for grog, gambling or violent man in their life?
Family is the cornerstone of all human society worldwide and it is within the confines of the family unit that potential rogue elephants are guided or redirected away from unacceptable societal behaviours.
The banned drinkers register and other interventions are only racist if not applied Australia wide. The interventions should expand to force chronic drinkers, druggies and gamblers of breeding age who repeatedly refuse medical assistance to get well and behave acceptably, to be sterilised. To be at the mercy of an alcoholic or foetal alcohol rogue elephant is just as frightening and dangerous as facing an ice addict. If it’s wrong to remove children from abusive, neglectful cornerstone family units (citing the stolen generation as an excuse rather than a reason),then at least stop the self absorbed […] from breeding little rogue elephants, some born already brain addled from alcohol before their first breath is taken. Potential mums and dads of all backgrounds need to keep their knickers on and stop breeding trouble for the rest of society to suffer.
The utter selfishness of addicts who blame society or history rather than their own choices when confronted with their disrespect of societal laws and cultural values, is at its core the reason for problems in Alice Springs or elsewhere in Australia.
To all potential parents in black, white, multicultural Australian society who don’t want to be constrained by the obligations of parenthood: Your behaviour is remiss as is citing racism or stolen generation every time somebody tries to remove vulnerable children from witnessing it, experiencing abuse in neglect. It is not the person removing the child to a safer place who is the racist. It is the breeding age adults who are disrespecting traditional culture, culture of the family unit.
The erosion of culture – whatever the hell that is – comes from within, not without the family unit. Stop blaming everyone else for being too weak and lazy to do your rightful job of parenting and stop putting hand out for parenting payment support if you relinquish your responsibilities to others or even actively train and encourage your children to steal for your habits knowing that minors can’t be charged.
The law needs to change here too. Any kids found roaming about unsupervised at inappropriate times etc should lose Centrelink support to the adult meant to be parenting that child roaming the streets, and [the adult] should be charged with those crimes including jail time because they are already absent parents. My comments relate to every town, every family in Australia.

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The churches’ work IS being well recognised, especially through taxpayer funded Royal Commissions into Child Abuse and the acknowledgement of stolen generations including but not limited to the British migrant children.

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